Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chapter 6: 3 Nights - First Night

"wow! you look great!" it was the first time i saw her in a dress and with her hair down. she had put on light makeup and the light evening breeze carried the smell of her freshly shampooed hair. i was momentarily distracted by the plunging neckline. i hope she didn't notice that i sort of stared at her cleavage.

"really? thanks." Kathy blushed. we made our way to my car.

"so... where are we headed to for dinner?" i asked.

"just drive... i'll lead the way." she smiled.

"oh... i hope we aren't driving cross country." i joked.

"we're just going to... someplace nice." she teased.

we were chatting away about movies, music and other stuff when we arrived at the secret dinner place. there were a lot of cars when i pulled into the parking lot. looks like this place is quite popular.

"have you been here before?"

"nope. i'm new in town anyway. how'd you get to know about this place?"

"i came here with a couple of girlfriends last week. its a nice and cosy place and best of all, the food was great!" she answered enthusiastically. "oh, wait... i forgot to ask. are you ok with japanese food?"

"yeah, i'm ok. i kinda like sushi so i hope you brought enough money to pay." we laughed and went in to the restaurant.

"table for two? this way please." as we were led to our table by a pretty brunette in a yukata, i could see that the place was already full. i guess we were being led to another side where there are still seats available. the restaurant had a very nice ambiance due to the mood lights, giving it a warm and cosy feeling. there was a huge revolving sushi bar in the middle of the restaurant with 6 ninjas serving the sushi.

"wow... we have ninjas preparing our sushi." i joked.

"yes sir. on some nights, we even have samurais." the pretty brunette smiled at us. "here, this is our couple's room. i'll be back in a minute to take your orders." and before we could say anything, she disappeared, like a ninja. sorry, couldn't help it. i'm feeling lame today.

"couple huh?" i glanced at Kathy.

"lucky for you then." she smiled.

"i'll be sure to write down this day in my diary when i get home later tonight. of course, i'll need to go get a diary first." we both laughed.


"i've been wanting to ask you for awhile. where did you learn to fight like that?"

"well, i grew up surrounded by guys and i was pretty much just doing guy stuff ever since i learned to walk. apart from kickboxing, i also tried skydiving, deep sea diving, mountain climbing, white water rafting..."

"ok, you can stop there..." i help up my hands and shook my head. "before i feel like a girl who only hides in my room and read mushy love novels and finish up 3 boxes of tissues a night..."

"oh, come on... you're exaggerating..." she laughed "you're pretty buffed and tanned so i don't believe that you're the mushy-love-novel kind of guy. so what do you do during your free time?"

"pretty much the same as other guys... baseball, basketball, football... all the sweaty and stinking type of sports. i love to swim though and i work as a lifeguard at the beach during summer breaks."

"wow... not bad. so i guess you're pretty popular with the girls at the beach huh?"

"well, not really. i'm on duty most of the time so i don't really get to have fun... and you won't believe how stupid some beachgoers can be. sometimes i don't know if i should be angry or laugh at their uncanny ability to get themselves into trouble."

"really? tell me the craziest one."

"well, the beach allows water sports so there are a lot of people who rent jet skis and kayaks and just have loads of fun chasing each other silly. there are several buoys acting as markers so that those people don't wander too far out into the ocean and end up in india or china."

"and i'm supposed to believe you that a jet ski will have enough fuel to cross the pacific for you to end up in india or china." she threw a crumpled tissue at me.

"hey... behave... or i'll ask your aunt to ground you." i ducked and laughed.

"ok well, there was this bunch of guys last summer who probably thought they were smart and tough at the same time when they decided to race each other out to those buoys and back to shore. one of them got hit by a jet ski and almost drowned, two had to cling onto a banana boat when their legs cramped. we fished another two out of the sea halfway to the buoy and picked up the last one who were clinging onto the buoy for dear life. when we brought them back to shore and the paramedics took over, one of them realized that there was another guy who was missing and we all had to go back out to the sea to find him. it was crazy because the sun was setting soon and we had to find him before the sky went dark. fortunately we managed to find their friend in time. that idiot was dehydrated and at the verge of passing out."

"oh, god. that's crazy... makes me think twice about going to the beach."

"well, as long as you're not mentally challenged like those guys and if i'm with you, you have nothing to worry about." i puffed up my chest and did the tarzan-chest-beating thing... without the yelling of course.

"oh, so you're gonna come save me huh?"

"yeah... but first, i need to get that awful hasselhoff haircut and steal my neighbor's wig and glue it to my chest." we both laughed till tears streamed down our faces.

"oh, god... i thought i was gonna die..." Kathy breathed deeply and tried to calm down.

"aw... you're exaggerating. no one dies in baywatch... unless they get smothered by his chest hair and die from suffocation... either that or they die laughing at his hair cut..."


"thanks for dinner." i smiled.

"well, i had a great time. i haven't laughed so much for a long time."

"yeah, me too... hey, would you like to go for a movie some time? i should treat you to a nice dinner too." i gave her my best smile.

"sure, i'd love to." she looked delighted. "hey, you wanna come in for a cup of coffee? i'd like to show you some recent pictures i took when i went skydiving and deep sea diving."

"yeah... yeah, why not?" i parked my car in the driveway and we alighted.

5 minutes later. we were sitting in the living room, sipping coffee and going through her pictures. she really grew up with a bunch of guys as there were hardly any pictures of her with other girls when she was little.

"oh my god, i forgot about that pic! you're not supposed to see that pic!" she squealed and tried to wrestle back the photo album from me. it was a picture of her in some form of an eating competition. her mouth was chock full of sausages. i laughed uncontrollably as i fought to retain the album. she was hitting me and trying to pry my fingers away from the album and our faces somehow ended up very close. there was a split second of awkwardness, she blushed slightly. i kissed her... suddenly. she was surprised. i kissed her again and our tongues locked as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

i started licking her left ear and gently nibbling her ear lobe while i caressed her breast through her dress with my right hand. i started kissing and licking her neck, making my way down to her shoulder. we kissed passionately again while she straddled my lap. i pulled her dress down to her waist, exposing her soft and perky breasts and started attacking them viciously. she moaned with pleasure and started grinding her crotch on my hard on as she rocked back and forth.

"i want you now!" she growled. she helped me to free my throbbing 9 inches from the confines of my jeans. hiking up her dress, she pulled her wet panties aside and sat down slowly on my hot rod. she was really wet and warm inside. i could feel her pussy squeezing my cock as she started to ride me. when she got accustomed to my length, she picked up her pace and intensity.

"you're... so sexy... and you... taste so.... good..." i was sucking hard on her nipples.

"i made sure... that they... are just the... right taste... for you..." she moaned as she continued to ride me wildly.

i motioned for her to turn around and i entered her from behind as she braced herself against the armchair. she was so wet and the lewd noises of our bodies joining together was turning me on even more. i grabbed her ass and began kneading them as i fucked her furiously. for an instant, i sort of lost it and i smacked her ass with my palm. her skin reddened and i was about to apologize when she moaned "oh... yeah... more... punish your... dirty... little... whore..."

i smacked her ass lightly a couple of times and she seemed to enjoy it as her moans got really loud. "ahhh... you're... so... hard... it... feels... so... good... more... give... me... more..." she half turned and looked at me seductively. i obliged and rammed her as hard as i could until her body shuddered and she came. "ahhhh.... i'm cumming... i'm cumming!!!" she screamed. i slowed down my pace her body was seized with waves of pleasure as her orgasm lasted for quite awhile. as her tensed body began to relax, i slowly upped my pace again.

"wait... i want... your... rock hard... thing... in... my... ass..." she moaned in between thrusts.

"are you sure?" i was surprised.

"yes... go slow ok?"

i nodded and pulled out my cock from her dripping wet pussy. it was my first anal sex experience and i was nervous as hell. i positioned the tip of my cock against her anus. i rubbed some of her love juices over her hole to help lubricate it a little. i slowly inserted my cock into her ass. it was freaking tight and she was trying her best to relax.

"hey... if it's too painful... i can stop" i said to her. i was a little worried.

"it's ok. just go slowly..."

after a little while, i got half my rod in. she is more relaxed now and i began to move slowly. the first few minutes was really slow as i can see that she is still in pain. gradually, her ass began to accept this intrusion and she was rocking in motion with my thrusts. i slowly upped my pace and she started rubbing her clit with her right hand.

"ahhhh... this... feels... good... oh... fuck me... please... fuck me..."

i could only grunt in response as it was really hard to hold it in as her ass was so tight. i didn't wanna come so fast. unfortunately, it was a little too much to bear as i felt the familiar pull of my muscles.

"i'm gonna cum..."

"oh... good... cum... in... my ass... cum... hard... for me..."

i moaned loudly as i cummed hard in her ass. her ass let out a fart as i pulled my cock out while my cum started flowing out of her ass. i was sort of embarrassed for her.

"oh... i've been a real naughty girl... did i just fart on you? i guess you'll have to punish me even more..." she purred and planted a kiss on my lips. "let's go upstairs to continue..."

who am i to say no? i'm liking the fact that this is gonna be a long... stimulating night.