Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chapter 7: 3 Nights - Second Night

Tuesday night came and went but Melissa did not turn up.

Somehow, something felt very wrong. It was as if I felt that something bad had happened. I was very uneasy the whole night and could not sleep a wink.

My asshole roommate was snoring away happily though, the whole night.

I could not shake the bad feeling and was so engrossed in my thoughts that I did not realize that the professor had called on me to answer his question (he has a habit of embarrassing students who day dreams or sleeps in his boring class).

Someone pinched me on my face.

"what the..." i started. shirley's pretty face sort of filled my clearing vision.

"you've got guts," she said.


just then, the whole class burst into laughter.

needless to say, i made an unfortunately crappy and lasting impression of myself on that morning.

as i was getting ready to leave, i felt a tug on my sleeve.

"what's with the glum look? you were practically a shell today. what were you thinking about?"

i turned around and to my surprise, it was shirley. the hot chick. THE hot chick.

i did a quick scan around to see if there were any guys who were gonna lunge at me for talking to their er... goddess.

suffice to say that the murderous look was enough to make me narrow my focus on shirley's pretty face.

"um... yeah... i've got something... yeah... need to take care of something... i think my friend is in trouble..." i replied. "sorry but... i gotta go... talk to you later k?"

i turned around and ran off, completely oblivious to the fact that i had just left the HOT chick, the goddess of the males of the college, standing awkwardly alone in embarrassment.

thinking back, i realized the reason why i had suddenly found all my belongings in the fountain just outside the dorms. oh well, it was better than having a knife in my back.


as i neared Melissa's place, the traffic slowed to almost a crawl.

the bad traffic was puzzling as her apartment was not in the busy part of town.

and then i saw several squad cars and paramedics. and i saw a body bag being wheeled out of the apartment where Melissa lives. my heart sank.

i remember jumping out of my car and running towards the paramedics.

i remember being brought down hard to the ground before losing consciousness.

i lost track of time as everything went black.

"Mr Mueller... are you ok?" a voice called out to me... repeatedly...

"can you hear me? Mr Mueller... are you ok?" i slowly regained consciousness.

"where... what..." i started.

"Mr Mueller... welcome back... do you know where you are?" a voice asked.

my vision slowly adjusted to a bright light shining into my eyes. i blinked.

"pupil reaction is fine. he is ok. officer, you may speak with him."

"what happened?" i asked. i was slightly groggy. i realized that i had an oxygen mask on.

"Mr Mueller. I am Sergeant Bailey. Is it ok if I ask you a couple of questions?"

"uh... yeah... sure... what happened?" i asked... and then i remembered.

"wait... is that... was that Melissa? did she... is she dead?" i stood up suddenly and looked around frantically.

i felt a restraining hand on my shoulder.

"Mr Mueller. you need to sit down. You knew Melissa?" the sergeant asked.

"Yes. I know her? What happened? Did she commit suicide? Oh my god!!! I was late. I was too late..." i buried my face in my hands.

"Mr Mueller, I think you need to come with us."

I felt someone grabbing my hand and then I realized that I was being cuffed.

"Wha... what are you doing?"

"Mr Mueller. You have the right to remain silent..."

"Why are you... stop... what's going on? what did i do? wait..."


"Are you sure you do not need an attorney present? These are serious charges you know."

"what serious charges? i don't understand... what is going on here? is Melissa really dead? why hasn't anyone told me anything yet?" there were a million questions raging through my mind.

"Mr Mueller, we believe that you are involved in the rape-murder of Officer Michelle Hargreaves. She..."

"wha... what? WHAT?"

"Mr Mueller, please calm down."

"what do you mean? who is this Officer Michelle Hargreaves? i don't know any person by the name of..."

"all i can say is that Officer Hargreaves is an undercover cop known as Michelle, in an on-going investigation which I can not reveal more details than this but... it seems you were the last person to have seen her alive and there are peculiar circumstances surrounding her suicide. preliminary pathology report suggests that she may have been raped and then murdered on the same night."

"DNA tests just came back and your semen was found in her, approximately around the same time she had died."

i was dumbfounded for a moment, mouth agape.

"i didn't kill her. we had sex the last time we met but... i didn't kill her. I DIDN'T KILL HER!!!"

"you need to tell us everything that you know."


Author's note:

i am trying to pickup where i left off previously although it will be pretty hard to regain the lost momentum.

i sincerely hope the following chapters will capture your attention and most importantly, your imagination again.


I wish to take this opportunity to apologize for suddenly going missing.

Many things have happened in my personal life.

Some good, some bad.

I was at a lost.

I felt like I was floating out at sea as I was extremely overwhelmed with things that have happened to me.

I have lost many things in the past 14 months.

But I have also gained new things in life.

One of it... the will and the passion to write again.

I wish to chase after a new life... just like I have been chasing after love...

I hope you readers will forgive my houdini act and join me in my journey of love and life again...

Yours sincerely,