Friday, July 31, 2009

Chapter 4 - A Weekend With Rena

"eeeeeeewwwwww!!! you're drooling on me!!!" i was rudely and painfully awakened from my deep slumber with a hard smack across my cheek.

"wha..." i slurred, eyes half open, my mind trying to readjust back to reality from my world of dreams.

"why do you always drool on me every time you sleep?" Rena complained while wiping away my drool from her neck and shoulders. "if i didn't know better, i'd think that you are some retard that can't... HEY!!! don't do that... eeeewwww..." she shrieked and hit me as i buried my face into her pillow to wipe off the drool on my cheeks.

"you always... always... ugh... i've got to change my sheets now. move aside you fat and drooling whale." she pushed me aside and got off of her bed.

my eyes were slowly adjusting to the dim room and i watched as Rena chucked the tissue soaked with my saliva into a waste paper basket. "how could a human being drool so much? you're gross you know that?"

i stretched my arms and legs "its not that i do it on purpose... i drool whether i'm sleeping with you or not. wait... that didn't come out right..." i got up and walked towards the bathroom.

"hey! you're not going in there yet! help me to change the sheets. its got your drool all over it."

"if its got my drool all over it, we'd be sleeping in a water bed. just leave it. i'm gonna spend another night here so there's not point in changing it. i'll help you to change it tomorrow ok?" i yawned and continued walking towards the bathroom. and i got hit by a pillow on the back of my head.

"ok... this is war." i picked up the pillow and found ourselves in a pillow fight. it's like a ritual now. every time we slept together, we would argue about my drool and then end up with a pillow fight. i always let her win and she'd always smile and kiss me after the fight. then we'd go clean and freshen up before looking for food to fill our empty stomachs.

this time, i somehow lost my balance and she sat on my abs and shoved the pillow into my face "smell that! that's your disgusting smell. a smell i had to live with for a million years."

i stuck up my arms to surrender and she removed the pillow, smiling at me while i gasped for air. "i win again." she said with a smirk. as she relaxed, i reached for her waist and tickled her. she began to scream and fight back. she's always afraid of being tickled and i wanted to be an ass this morning by not letting her win so easily. as she struggled, i watched her breasts bounce up and down. she has really nice breasts. although i have seen her naked many times, i'm still amazed by how rounded and soft they are, how pink and erect her nipples are, how much i'd like to...

"aaahhhh....." she let out a half moan. as she was struggling and trying to wiggle herself out of my tickle attack, she had started to slide downwards and somehow, her pussy rubbed against my erection. she blushed and when she saw me staring at her breasts, her nipples erect, she covered them with her arm but she didn't move. i rested my hands on her hips and looked into her eyes. she looked away and lay down on my chest. "i think i'm homesick. i miss mom. i feel so alone sometimes. i'm glad you came to look for me." her voice was a little shaky.

i caressed her hair "its ok. i'm here. when we have longer breaks, i'll drive us both home so you can see your mom ok?" i kissed her hair. she nodded.

we lay like that for awhile until she had calmed down.


"hey, could you grab that olive oil for me?"

"ok." i grabbed a bottle and threw it into the cart. "what else do you need?"

"just need to find a nice bottle of wine now." she beamed and began walking towards the liquor section.

it was the first weekend that we're spending together since college started a few weeks ago and i'm glad that Rena is slowly adapting to college life. she's staying at a studio apartment at the moment so its pretty convenient, thanks to the appearance of multiple cracks in their dorm. as a safety precaution, all students were asked to vacate the premises and they will be relocated to nearby studio apartments which is fully paid for by the college.

she's still a cry baby at times because she misses her mom but i've promised to come visit her as much as i can to keep her company. well, at least until she is more independent and have made new friends. we agreed to staying in for the weekend to try out some of her mom's recipes and here we are now, shopping for our dinner tonight. correction. shopping for a whole lot of things and also dinner tonight. girls have this uncanny ability to just buy anything anywhere even when they really don't need it. i feel like i'm some kind of a beast of burden, lugging her stuff all over the place. oh well, i like her company and she's cooking so i shouldn't complain.

"what the hell are you gonna do with all these stuff when its time for you to move back to the dorm?"

'i'll just move it."

"you mean you'll be getting me to move it for you."

"of course." she laughed.

"i'm gonna start charging you."

"which i am paying for right now with a place for you to sleep over during the weekends and also lotsa food. so stop complaining like a lil girl."

"hey, you wanna catch a movie later? after we drop off the stuff at your place?" i changed the subject.

"i wanna watch harry potter."

"what the... i'm not gonna watch some kids waving a stick around. transformers is my pick."

"harry potter." she insisted.

"but you've read the books already. i wanna watch transformers." i groaned.

"you mean you wanna watch megan fox. well, you can watch your transformers but i'll watch harry potter." she pouted. i sighed and gave in. she smiled. i hate myself. i always let her have her way. this has gotta stop. oh well, maybe next time... because she's cooking tonight. yeah, i'm a glutton.


"admit it. you liked the movie."

"not bad. for some kids trying to act like a magician." she punched me.

just then, out of the corner of my eye, i spotted a shadow. somehow my instinct told me something was wrong. i looked to my right and i saw a well dressed gentleman talking to a little girl. he was offering her cotton candy but she was shaking her head. as she started to back away, i walked towards them.

"hey, where are you going?" Rena ran after me.

the little girl looked as if she was about to cry and right at that moment, a woman ran to her and picked her up. she glared at the man.

"is everything ok?" i asked the woman while making a mental note of how the man looked like. clean shaven, small eyes, slightly crooked nose, about 6' 7", medium built. i can kick his ass whichever way i wanted to.

"this is none of your business. they are my wife and daughter. back off." he growled.

"i'm not talking to you. i'm talking to this lady here." i held my cool and asked the woman again. "is everything ok?" by that time, people had noticed and was starting to stare.

"he's not my husband. not anymore. we're divorced." he voice trembled. she looked at him and pleaded "why won't you leave us alone?!"

"you're mine!" he shouted and grabbed her arm forcefully, which was a very stupid thing to do. the woman lost grip on her child and the child slipped and fell. fortunately, Rena was close and she managed to catch the little girl before she hit the ground.

"let me go!!!" she screamed and struggled to free herself.

that was when i lost it. i swung hard at his right kidney, which had the desired effect. pain and numbness shot through his body and his grip loosened. i freed the woman from his grip and landed another hard one right on his nose. i think that was how his nose got crooked in the first place. someone else must have punched his lights out too.

by then, a few other guys had moved in to help restrain that guy. Rena tried hard to help the woman and her child to calm down while we kept a close eye on that guy until the security personnel arrive.


"thank you." she managed a smile.

"don't mention it. anyone would have done the same." i replied. Sharon was a divorced from her abusive and cheating husband. her divorce lawyer built a strong case, giving her a crucial win in the custody of her 4 year old child. they were married for 5 years before she caught her husband cheating with his secretary at work. he became abusive when she confronted him and ended up with bruises and stitches.

her parents had already passed away so she had no one to turn to for help. fortunately, the judge ruled in her favor and she had a chance to start over again with her child. however, she's finding it hard to make ends meet as she didn't have enough work experience. she had married because she was pregnant a year after she had graduated. she chose to stay home to take care of the baby and keep the house in order. it was a pity her husband didn't see the sacrifices she made for him - to give up her own freedom, her own career pursuits to make a home for him. but who am i to judge him? i've never been married nor have i ever been in a relationship.

"your girlfriend is pretty good with kids. Betty is normally reserved, especially with strangers."

"yeah, Rena has a way with kids. she's not my girlfriend though. we're just friends, neighbors actually. we grew up together." i smiled.

"oh, i'm so sorry. i thought you two were dating." Sharon apologized.

"nah... i'm her handyman today. helping her to fix up her apartment and stuff. the movie was a welcome break before i get back to work. she's a slave driver." i whispered.

"i heard that." Rena glared at me and made a face.

"ops, i didn't whisper it softly enough." i laughed.

"sssshhhhh... she's sleeping. lower down your voice."

"its ok, she's not a light sleeper thank God. i get to sleep quite well at nights." Sharon smiled.

"oh... that's great. just like Rena. a nuclear bomb could have went off in her backyard and she'd still be snoring."

"hey, i don't snore. you're the one who snores like an avalanche." Rena retorted. i guess 'avalanche' is around to stay.

"its getting late, we have to go. thanks for coming down to the station with me. i really appreciate that. i really hope that i can get a restraining order against him. he's been following us around from place to place. i don't know how he finds us but its really disturbing."

"hey, if you don't mind, we can actually accompany you home, just to be safe." i offered.

"yeah, we could do that." Rena nodded.

"its ok. i've already troubled you enough. i'll be fine."

"are you sure? we're not in a hurry..."

"yes, its ok. thank you. i'll see you both again ok?" Sharon smiled.

"ok then." we escorted her back to her car and exchanged good byes.

"i seriously don't understand how her husband can cheat on her. she's hot." i wondered aloud.

"oh my god. you're unbelievable. you were checking her out?" Rena exclaimed.

"what? i'm just stating the obvious." i replied. "she's attractive, probably does yoga as she's in great shape..."

"i wanna go home."

"are you jealous?" i laughed.

"no, i'm not. why would i be jealous because of you?"

"awwww... don't worry my dear. you'll always be my favourite snoring neighbor." i teased her.

"you're the one who snores." she punched me several times.


i awoke with a start. i stole a glance at the clock, it was 3:00am. Rena was fast asleep, cuddled up close to me. it was raining heavily outside and the thunder had jolted me awake. it was getting cold as we were naked and her blanket wasn't thick enough. i made a mental note to get her a thicker blanket before i headed back to college. i held her close so she could at least have some body warmth and then went back to sleep.

but i couldn't sleep. i lay awake for quite awhile, listening to her breathe. sometimes i wondered what it would be like if we were dating. we were doing everything that a couple would do, except sex of course. and at the thought of sex, i felt a stirring in my loins. i was tempted to touch her and as my imagination ran wild, my full erection rubbed gently against her stomach everytime we breathed. i couldn't betray her trust like this. i care for her too much to violate her like this. in the end, i just kissed her gently on her lips and then went back to sleep.

little did i know that she was actually awake the whole time. would she have resisted if i went further? would she have let me make love to her? i never got a chance to find out.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chapter 3 - Roommates Are Cool... Sometimes

"hi, my name's erik. i guess we are room mates now." i smiled and extended my hand.

"you can take that bed over there and you see all these stuff? they're mine. don't touch or take anything."

"nice meeting you too... asshole" i muttered under my breath.

"you said something?"

"nothing. must be the radio blasting next door."

wonderful. i have an asshole for a room mate. what the hell is his problem anyway. oh well, i can't be bothered. i unpacked my stuff and went out for a walk to make sure i know where i'm going so i don't get lost the next morning for orientation. i have a tendency to wake up late and rush somewhere like my ass is on fire.

i made my way pass the corridors and was greeted with half naked guys in all shapes and sizes (down girls... i'm referring to body built, not the danglers that you all love), yelling, fighting, dancing, uh... pretty much a chaotic scene. although the girls' dorm is in the same building but in an adjacent wing, security seems to be pretty lax as there were as much girls as there were guys hanging around. i guess this nullifies the negativity of having an asshole as a room mate. i'm back in good spirits, now if only i had a girl to bring back to my room, then i'd be in high spirits. oh well, its my first day and i shouldn't be asking too much... yet.

i was still exploring when i saw a huge group of people gathered near the parking lot so i decided to detour just a little bit to see what's going on. what i saw made my jaw drop. it was a fight, and a girl was kicking the asses... of 2 guys. yeap. 2 guys who were much bigger in size. the other girls were cheering and the guys who were watching were either deathly quiet or laughing at the 2 dudes sprawled on the pavement to cover their own embarrassment.

"someone's coming!" someone shouted and before i knew it, everyone seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye. i know i should be running like hell too but somehow, i couldn't tear my eyes away from that girl. she caught me looking at her, i blushed, turned around and ran. i have no idea why i did what i did. for the record, i don't like to get my ass handed to me by girls or guys. detour was over and i went on my way, my mind playing a vivid recollection of her swift and cool moves, standing tall over those 2 well built guys, a triumphant look on her face. she's hot by the way. i wonder what's her name. why was she fighting with those 2 guys. how did she learn to fight the way she did. and i slipped and went crashing down the stairs.

dazed and aching from the fall, i groaned amidst laughter and loud cheers. sometimes i wonder why the hell do people cheer when they see someone else in pain. if they really enjoyed my fall, they should pay for my chiropractor and whatever massage sessions. fuck them. i'll push them down the stairs and cheer next time. serves me right for day dreaming and not watching where i am going. i reached out to try and grab something to prop myself up and i felt someone gripped my hand and another held my back to help me stand up. thank god for good people in this world.

"you ok buddy?"

"you ok? man you sort of avalanched... down the stairs. it was thunderous."

i nodded and said thanks. what the hell does 'avalanche' down the stairs mean? that guy probably fell down the stairs and knocked himself silly. oh well, i shouldn't complain. at least he came to help. damn, i ache all over. i tasted blood. must have bitten my lips when i was 'avalanching'. fuck it. tour's over. i need rest. and i think i might need a compass. momentarily, i lost track of where i was and was pondering how do i get back to my dorm.

"you should put some ice on it." a voice behind me spoke.

"yeah, i plan to do so. if only i could find my way back to my dorm. i seem to have lost bearings of where i should go..." i replied and turned around. it was that kung fu girl! i was a bit shocked and it must have shown on my face.

"don't worry, i won't kick your ass unless you give me a reason to do so." she joked, i think because she doesn't seem to be smiling.

"sorry. i didn't mean to... uh... i mean, i'm already hurting everywhere so it doesn't matter if you kick my ass... uh... no... i'm not saying that i wanna do you... uh... no, i mean i don't wanna do you... wait... you're hot and i uh... damnit... what the hell am i saying?" i held my head as it was still throbbing in pain.

"i think you have a concussion. you should go to the clinic and get yourself checked out. and you should stop talking." she continued. "come on, i can take you there. i'm kathy by the way."

"i'm erik, the avalancher."

"the what?"

"never mind. i'm talking rubbish."


"hey, may i have some ice from you fridge? i had a bad fall just now and the ice in this ice pack is melting and..."

"go get your own ice. these are for my drinks. not for some clumsy ass fuck head."

i was tempted to hurl the ice pack into his face but i was aching too much for any big movements. maybe i'll set his ass on fire when he falls asleep. he smokes like a chimney anyway. no one will know that i did it. except, if CSI comes and investigate. then i'd be locked up. no way, i'm not going to jail for this asshole. maybe i'll just lace his drinks with a healthy dose of laxatives but what if he lets go on his bed, then i'd have to bear his stink. bah... its so hard to be an asshole like him. i didn't want to argue anymore so i went to sleep.

i began to dream about myself being in some fighting competition. i was in the finals and when my opponent climbed into the ring, the spotlight shone on her. it was Kathy! what the hell is going on? why am i fighting her? why am i fighting in the first place. i tried to talk to her but was drowned out by the crowd. she advanced and started landing blows. i was like a punching bag for her. i kept backing up until i reached the edge and fell off.

i awoke with a start. damn. what's wrong with me? i fell off the stairs in real life and now i'm dreaming of getting my ass kicked till i fall of a stage. just then, i heard some sounds coming from asshole's bed. since he didn't bother to give me his name, i'll continue to call him asshole. i turned my body a little and i was greeted with the scene of a girl riding him! what the fuck? how can an asshole get to fuck some chick even before college starts?

a million thoughts ran through my mind and most of it were disbelief and jealousy. i sighed, and i think i was a bit too loud for my own good because the girl noticed it and looked at me. i thought i was gonna be shouted at by the asshole to mind my own business and not to look at that girl or i'll have to pay him for a fuck show.

surprisingly, she didn't say anything. she just continued to ride him, but she was looking my way, as if putting on a show for me. she was grabbing her breasts, rubbing her own nipples and moaning at the same time. suddenly she stopped moving and she slapped the asshole, not too hard though. and she slapped him a couple of times again.

"useless prick. too stoned to fuck."

she climbed off of him and started walking over to my bed.

"you like what you see?"

i nodded. "what's going on?"

"let's just say that he has got something that i want but i can only repay him with something else."

i nodded again although i had no idea what she meant at that moment. i was too engrossed in ogling at her huge breasts.

"i'm still horny and dripping wet. how about you helping me a bit here?" she pulled off my blankets "i can see that someone's excited." she smiled and took off my boxers. "oooohhh... you've got a nice one here." and she kissed the tip of my cock before licking and sucking on it, making wet and slippery sounds.

i just laid there, unsure of what i should do and she said "i think you're ready." and in one swift motion, she positioned herself on top and sat down. she moaned as her pussy was invaded by my pulsating rod. she began to move and she grabbed my hands and placed it on her breasts.

"i saw the way you were staring at them. do whatver you want with them." i started to fondle her breasts, playing with her nipples. "you're so tender and nice. others would have kneaded them like they were making bread dough."

"why are you..."

"does it matter?" she cut me off.

"no but..."

"then just fuck me. consider this your orientation present. a welcome gift to college."

she began to move faster and moan louder while i continued to play with her breasts. not that i can do anything else. i'm still aching all over and in pain. fortunately, the pleasurable sensation is numbing out the pain. she was really good with her muscle control because i felt that i was gonna cum soon.

"i'm gonna cum." i panted. she got off of my cock and began sucking rigoriously and massaging my balls.

"i... love... cum... in... my... mouth..." she mumbled in between slurps.

"i'm cumming!" and i emptied my load into her mouth. she swallowed all of it and continued to suck and lick on my shaft. it was still standing at attention.

"i guess there's more from where that came from. i want all of it."

this was the first time i cum into some hot chick's mouth and she swallowed every drop of it and on top of that, she still wants more? i'd be a prick to deny her request. she was really good at giving head. within minutes i felt the familiar jerk and i was cumming into her mouth again.

"mmm... i love fresh cum. you must have had sex right before you came to college. whoever that girl is, she's a lucky girl to have such a nice toy to play with." she rubbed my cock with her hands.

"i like your cock. make sure its ready for me every tuesday and thursday nights." she got dressed and started to leave.

"what's your name?"

"does it matter?" she smiled and left the room.

i guess it doesn't. as long we all get what we want, one way or another.


orientation is such a boring affair. fortunately, there are a lot of hotties to cure my boredom as i scanned the crowd of new intakes. most of the guys were dressed trying to impress ( i said most because some came looking like uh... thrash), all the girls were dressed to kill. if the guys were to take off their pants, i'm pretty sure we'd all be 'pointing rudely' at someone. looks like i'm gonna have a lot of fun. i'm beginning to love college. oh well, who doesn't?

but i'm regretting what i said a week ago. i have absolutely no fucking idea what the lecturer is talking about. and a mute person can actually be louder than him. what the fuck is wrong with him? has years of teaching done him in that he only talks to himself? fuck. where the hell did they find this guy? from the land of the soft spoken? or did they hire him from the mumblers' club?

on the bright side, at least i'm sitting next to a hot chick and i think a lot of guys didn't like it. before the class started, she came through the doors with an entourage of all shapes and sizes (body built again in case you girls get too sexcited). maybe entourage is an understatement, she was practically swarmed by a horde of animals would be a more fitting description of her entrance.

she seemed disturbed by the admirers crowding around her but couldn't care less about the evil glares some of the other girls were throwing at her. she hesitated for awhile and then proceeded to walk towards where i was seating. and she sat down. right between me and another girl. i just became a human shield for her but on the other hand, a stumbling block for her admirers. i don't know if i should be happy or worried. i began to get hit by flying objects like rolled up papers, erasers, paper clips and other really juvenile projectiles. not that i'd like to get hit by a flying machete of course.

pretty soon the whole auditorium filled with students and the lecturer started the class. half an hour later, i could see many students had either fallen asleep, panicked because they can't hear shit and began moving to the front rows, contemplated suicide to end their boring college life or just do their own things. if boredom can kill, the lecturer is a serial mass murderer. hitler would have knelt down and polished his faded leather shoes to make it shine brighter than a gazillion carrat diamond.

i couldn't help but to look at my temporary neighbour, Shirley. i didn't bother to be discreet as she would have been immune to stares and probably attentions of the worse kind. up close, she wasn't really those hollywood bombshell type but she was pretty, the type that grows on you and lasts. something along the lines of Nicole Kidman. she was fair, tall for a girl her age, has a pleasant voice with a petite body to match.

i wonder if she will be a part of my changing fate. of late, so many unexpected things have happened and i'm beginning to think that my life has taken an exciting twist. i wonder if Shirley will be a star in the upcoming chapters.

what do you think?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Chapter 2 - Summer Before College

my mind's still in a blur, trying to make sense out of what happened a couple of hours ago. i was walking together with Tammy to her home and suddenly out of the blue, she asked me to kiss her. the question "why me?" was still tormenting my mind. although i'm not hideous, i'd be lying if i said that i am a hunk. i'm just another average joe, like so many millions of guys out there so, why me? i sighed and shook my head and then i felt a sharp pain across my cheek.

"what the?"

"i hate you! this is gonna be our last night together and all you can do is just stare into space, totally oblivious to what i have said." Rena stomped out of her room.

damn... i forgot that i'm here to say good bye to Rena and tell her how much i'm gonna miss her and her company. i guess i'm really a jerk. my best friend is sad and heart broken and soon to be home sick and god knows what other emotions and here i am, thinking about Tammy. i ran out after her.

"hey, i'm sorry. i uh... i've got a lot on my mind and i couldn't help getting distracted. i didn't mean to ignore you or hurt your feelings." i held her hand and she turned around and hugged me. so tightly. i could feel my shoulder getting wet from her tears. she was trying really hard not to make even a whimper.

i stroked her hair and said "hey, don't be sad. although you'll be far away from home, i'll still be nearby, a couple of hours drive away. i'll come and see you ok?" she started to sob.

"i know you're afraid of being lonely but i'm sure you'll make new friends. i know it's hard but you're a big girl now. you're going to college and you'll have plenty of friends. you're not going to be lonely or feel lonely anymore ok? and i'll always be there for you. just a phone call away." i hugged her tightly.

"this isn't easy for your mom. please stop crying. i'm sure she can hear you." i pleaded for her to calm down. "come on... why don't we take a walk."

i held her hand, led her down the stairs and opened the front door where a cool breeze greeted us. i guess summer is really over and autumn is coming soon. we stepped out and she held back.

"what's wrong?"

"my eyes are puffy. i don't want anyone to see me like this."

"its one in the morning, no one is awake, just us."

she shook her head.

"don't you wanna go to our secret hideout for the last time? it might not be there anymore when we graduate from college."

she fidgeted for awhile and finally consented. "ok. but i want you to carry me, just like how you did the last time when i sprained my ankle."

"sure, you big baby" i teased her and dropped to my knees and waited for her to climb onto my back. she always loved piggy back rides, especially when she is really feeling down. my back sort of gives her a sense of security and warmth. i have no idea she meant what she meant when she told me that.

we were really quiet as we made our way towards our secret hideout. scenes of our youth began to flash before my eyes. i realized that i'm probably the only real friend that she has apart from her mom. my heart ached for her. she snuggled real close, her arms wrapped tightly around me. i could feel her breath on my neck. she had calmed down now.

"thanks. for always being there for me. for always taking care of me. for everything." her voice trembled a little.

"you've been a very good friend to me all these years too. you've put up with a lot my crap and yet you've never really complained. you're always there for me too. i'll never ever forget you Rena. i'm so gonna miss you." and she cried again. this time she cried so hard that she was shaking. i let her down, held her close and just let her let it all out. i could feel my heart being torn apart by her sadness. she continued to cry, until she fell asleep on my shoulder until morning.

she left without saying good bye. i guess it must have been harder for her than for me to actually say "good bye". i texted her on her cell, wishing her well and reassuring her that i'll make it a point to visit her over the weekends. she never replied. i guess she just wants some time to calm down. it is, after all, her first time leaving her home, and most importantly, her mom whom she loves and cares for so much.


"do you find me attractive?" she asked, staring straight into my eyes.

"uh... yes... you are beautiful and uh... you're really hot... and uh..." i stuttered, totally caught off guard.

"then do you wish to kiss me? do you want to kiss me?" and i kissed her. right in front of her house. as our lips parted, i gasped for breath.

"you're quite a good kisser." she said, shyly. "you sure you haven't kissed a girl before?"

"i have now." and i kissed her again, pulling her closer.

"we should go inside. i don't want my neighbors to see. my parents are out-of-town by the way." i could see her blushing.

"uh... i need to use the..." i started.

"you can use the one next to the kitchen. come up to my room later. its the second door on the right." she said and hurried up the stairs.

i still couldn't believe what was happening. am i really gonna get laid tonight? this is the first time a girl came on to me and i got lucky? i made sure that i didn't smell like beer breath and that everything else was uh... clean and tidy.

i hesitated a little outside her door, still thinking about what had happened and what is about to happen. i knocked softly "i'm coming in."

her room was lighted by several candles, scented ones - lavender i think. shayne ward was playing softly in the background. she had already changed into a black see-through nightie and was sitting on the edge of her bed. i walked over to her and sat beside her.

i looked into her eyes, and she into mine, and we kissed passionately. my hands caressed her body while her right hand squeezed my inner thigh. her breasts were soft and tender and she whimpered a little when i played with her nipples. she touched my erection, tracing a line around it, running her slender fingers along my rod.

i undressed her and laid her on her back, murmured sweet nothings into her ear, kissed, licked and nibbled on her ear lobe. i could feel her shudder as i continued to kiss her neck, making my way down to her soft breasts. a moan escaped her lips as i began to lick and suck gently on her nipples. she pulled my head up to kiss again and our tongues locked in ecstasy.

she reached down and started massaging my rod as i struggled clumsily to remove my surf shorts with one hand. our naked bodies intertwined in a passionate embrace as we continued our kisses and caress. i used my left hand to play gently with her nipples while i rubbed her clit with the other hand. she was already soaking wet.

i wanted to finger her a little but she grabbed my hand and said "i want nothing else except your cock inside me. but please be gentle."

i nodded and placed the tip of my cock against her clit, gently rubbed it a little and slowly entered her. i could feel her hymen giving way as i pushed it in with a single stroke. her fingernails dug deep into my back as she drew her breath in.

"did it hurt?"

"a little. go slow ok?"

i moved slowly, letting her get accustomed to my fully erect 9 incher sliding in and out of her tight pussy. she was really wet so it was easier for both of us and before i knew it, she was already urging me to go faster. our lips locked again as i began to pump her furiously.

we were both breathing heavily and she began to moan loudly when i grabbed both her breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. her love juice was flowing freely and i could feel her wetness seeping out and soaking her bed. i motioned for her to turn around so i could see her beautiful ass and also enjoy the view of my rock hard cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy.

i reached around and grabbed her breasts again, squeezing them harder this time, kissing the back of her shoulder and telling her how good it felt to have her tight pussy massage my cock. she moaned even louder "fuck me... please... fuck me... harder... i'm coming. aaahhhh... fuck me harder... make me cum hard..."

i braced myself properly with my knees planted on her bed, grabbed her hips and rammed my cock as hard and as fast as i could, making her scream with wild pleasure. i felt her pussy tighten around my cock and her whole body twitched and she came with a really loud moan. i had to hold her as she was twitching so violently that i was afraid that she might collapse. i could feel her juices trickling down our thighs, making a huge damp spot on her bed. i could also see some blood. i was her first man.

as her body began to relax, i turned her over again. she was pink, and really flushed and it turned me on so much that i started to fuck her again. she gazed sexily into my eyes and said "give me more... fuck me hard... fuck me..." and before she could continue, i went berserk. she was screaming with every stroke that i pumped into her, our sweaty bodies glistening in the candle light.

"i'm.... gonna... cum..." i panted.

"not... yet... cum together... with... me... its... my... safe day... you can... fill me... with your cum...."

i grit my teeth and held back as long as i could, furiously pumping her pussy with my cock. i attacked her nipples viciously with my teeth, biting, nibbling, sucking until she grabbed my head and almost suffocted me with her breasts.

"let me... go... on top..." she panted. i pulled her body up and i laid on my back as she propped herself up to ride me. "don't you dare to cum first..." she said and started to ride me like a maniac, her moans becoming louder till she was screaming with reckless abandon. i reached out with both my hands, grabbed the underside of her thighs and began thrusting upwards into her pussy, my mind going blank as i was on the verge of cumming. just then, i felt her pussy tighten around my cock again as her body started to convulse and her love juices gushed out of her. i felt a twitch on my rod and i started to cum hard as well, shooting my cum deep into her pussy. we moaned and held each other tightly as we continued to cum, her pussy milking every single drop from my pulsating rod.

we lay in each other's embrace for awhile. stealing kisses now and then, carressing each other, listening to each other's breathing. she snuggled close and was still breathing hard. the dancing shadows of the candle lights on her body somehow got me aroused again. she looked up at me and giggled "you're not gonna let me rest are you?" and before i could reply, her mouth engulfed my cock, sucking and licking it. it was a bit awkward for her as she had not given head before and she gagged quite a few times trying to take all of my 9 inches into her throat.

"i want you to ride me again. i wanna see your sexy expression when you ride my cock. i wanna see your lovely breasts dance in front of me, taunting me to play with them."

she positioned herself on top of me but i surprised her by grabbing her hips and pulling her down hard onto my rod. she screamed as my full length penetrated deep into her womb. she began to ride me like her life depended on it, moaning loudly every time she came slamming down hard on my rod. i sat up and hungrily devoured her breasts as she continued to rock and girate on my cock.

"i'm... gonna... cum... again..." and she leaned back.

"me too..." i grunted as i held her hips and pumped her like a wild animal. i felt my cock twitching and yelled "i'm cumming!!! i'm cumming!!!"

"cum for me... cum all you want inside me..." she moaned as she rode me till we both collapsed on her bed.


it was almost midnight before i got home, and it dawned on me that Rena was waiting for me at her house because she is leaving for college in the morning. i took a quick shower and hurried over to her place as fast as my wobbly legs could take me.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Chapter 1 - Winds of Change

there is always a beginning to a story and i guess this is how it all began for me.

ever felt that your teenage life was the most mundane, colorless and lifeless? ever felt that you don't belong no matter how hard you tried to reach out? ever felt forgotten because everyone seems to be more of an interesting subject that you are? i felt all of that, and more. those were the awkward teen years that i had - a life so boring that watching 2 snails racing each other to see which reaches an inch first seems like the NBA playoffs. you get the point.

fortunately, my lucky stars intervened. it was nearing the end of summer when i got invited to a pool party. OK, actually, a neighbor invited their neighbors (us) to their pool party. they had just managed to terrorize their contractors to finish building a pool in their backyard before the end of summer and they wanted to show it off to the us, their neighbors. i thank them for curing my boredom. and i thank them for setting in motion, the gears of change to my extremely insignificant life.

as predicted, not many parents were there. my guess was no one was interested in how the pool was done just in time, how much it cost them, how they finally have a nice place to chill out in their own backyard, how their pool is always open for their neighbors. how pretentiously boring and irritating. reminds me of desperate housewives.

anyway, the absence of adults meant only one thing - party time for us. i had no idea that my neighbors' daughters were so hot in bikinis! i think i have more reasons to hang out with my neighbors now. i began scanning the pool area and checking out tanned bodies in bikinis when someone pinched my ass from behind.

"stop ogling you pervert!" Rena smiled at me.

"hey there, you came here to stalk me or to try to put yourself on garage sale so someone would consider taking you home?" i grinned at her. bad choice of words. she got pissed, kicked me in the shin and walked off. i limped after her.

"aw... come on..." i grabbed her arm. she swung around and pinched my cheek real hard and said "that's for being an insensitive bastard when i'm wearing such a hot bikini for you."

"really? can i peel them off of you later on while we make out in the bushes or something?" i smiled devilishly.

"no chance for you now, you prick! i'm gonna go look for a guy who is more caring and sensitive." and she walked off towards the pool.

Rena was my neighbor. we grew up together as she would either come over to my place or i would go over to hers to play. she had a swing in her backyard while i had a tree house over at mine. we always enjoyed each others company. don't really know why. we tried to play with the other kids and even invited them to join us but it seems like none of them were really interested. i guess having new toys every week made them feel different and important so they weren't really interested in swings and tree houses. oh well, fuck them. we still had a great time together.

we were really close to the point that strangers would think we were siblings or lovers. we went everywhere together, studied together (she did anyway while i read my comics), did a lot of things together. sometimes i wondered if being so close to each other was the reason why both of us were still single and couldn't hook up with anyone else for so long. maybe others thought that when we sometimes slept together, we were probably fucking each others' brains out. but there was nothing of that kind. we could sleep naked together and still not have sex. heck, even the door to our room was sometimes left open (i had noticed our parents dropping in to check on us over the years but they had stopped as they trusted us to behave).

we were there for each other when mutley, her golden retriever went missing and never came back, when my grandmother passed away from heart attack, when she lost both her father and her older brother in a car accident, when my parents got divorced, when a guy whom she was interested in turned out to gay, when i thought that i finally could date a girl and found out that it was a prank... we went through a lot. and now we are going to college soon. it could be our last summer together and i'm being a jerk.

i grabbed some drinks and walked over to her. she was chatting and laughing with Tracy (tall and slim and rumored to be the slut of the neighborhood), Tammy (Tracy's younger sister with Angelina Jolie-type lips and a body that is brimming with potential), Kenix (a very shy girl, so shy that she's the only one who wasn't wearing a bikini but i'm sure she has a great body underneath those baggy t-shirts and loose shorts) Jack (Kenix's brother, a total opposite of her - fucking show off prick who's loud everywhere and every time) and Ray (rumored to be Tracy's current beau - lucky bastard).

i handed Rena her drink and when she reached out, i pushed her into the pool. she went shrieking into the water as she didn't expect me to push her in. the others burst out laughing and in that split second, i pushed Tracy and Tammy into the pool too. Kenix realized what was happening and was backing away from me but too late as Jack, her own brother, picked her up and threw her in.

"i hate you!!! damn it i lost my contacts and i can't see properly!!!" Rena screamed and laughed at the same time.

"eric... i didn't know that you like to see me wet... why don't you come join us in the pool?" Tracy beckoned sexily. and i think every guy jumped into the pool and scrambled towards her. wow... the power of persuasion of the neighborhood slut. Ray wasn't too happy as he was trying to fight his way through to Tracy while making sure no one gets too close to his girl.

i made my way towards Rena, who was still trying to get water out of her ears. and needless to say, i got splashed pretty hard by Rena, Tammy and Kenix for initiating this pool fight. the pool was pretty crowded and somehow i bumped into something really soft. i couldn't see clearly as water was still splashing into my eyes. i reached out and tried to grab their hands so they could stop and caught one. i turned my back from the splashing and pulled on the hand. it was Kenix.

she was wet (obviously) and her t-shirt was plastered onto her body, revealing a pink bikini underneath. her breasts were huge and i think i stared because she wrestled her hand away from me and sort of covered her chest area. i looked at her and muttered sorry and i think she blushed. she turned around and headed towards the edge of the pool, presumably to get out. just then, 2 hands grabbed my shoulders from behind and pushed me down. i could feel someone trying to straddle my shoulders and i felt breasts brushing against the back of my head when the mysterious girl climbed on top of me.

i kneeled down, grabbed both her thighs when she adjusted herself on my shoulders, and stood up and she balanced herself. it was Tracy!!! how the heck did she get over to me? she must have been swarmed by the multitudes and also her protective boyfriend. oh well, i couldn't care less. she beckoned for a fight and Landy gladly obliged. Landy is another vixen in our neighborhood and both of them were constantly competing for attention. Landy climbed onto Jack's shoulders and the war began.

everyone was screaming and shouting and urging them on. seems like everyone was enjoying the cat fight. amidst the splashing of water and the extremely noisy crowd, i saw Jack was trying to talk to me while taking in a mouthful of pool water.

"move back"

"for what?"

"just move back if you want something good to happen"

"what the hell are you talking about?"

"just move back godamnit!!"

both girls already had their arms locked and as we suddenly moved backwards, both started losing their balance and began stretching forward. the guys cheered as both girls' body arched, showing off their curves and as we move even further back, they lost balance and fell forward. as we all went under, my face somehow got buried in Tracy's crotch. i wonder if Jack enjoyed the same accident too.

we resurfaced, gasping for air. Tracy got close and whispered "i know you did that on purpose. i guess you enjoyed it." she smiled sexily as she ran her fingers lightly over my stirring erection. she turned around, purposely letting her butt brush against it and waded over to Ray. damnit!!! i wish i could fuck her there and then. that Ray is a lucky bastard.

i turned around and waded towards the edge of the pool, hoping that the wall would somehow hide my erection. Rena slapped me on the back of the head. "i guess you enjoyed that a lot huh... to have the hottest girl in the neighborhood on your shoulders and whispering into your ear." she sulked. "i hope Ray doesn't take it seriously and bash your head in. he'd make mince meat out of you." she poked my tummy. "you really need to get back into shape you lazy ass."

"i hope so too..." i panted "its not like i asked her to climb onto my shoulder."

as the sky turned dark, we all got out of the pool and started attacking the buffet line and we ate like a bunch of starved peasants, only the guys anyway. Rena left after dinner as she was meeting her mom at the mall for some last minute shopping before she went off to college. i hung around a little while longer, enjoying the view of wet sexy bikini clad bodies by the pool side.

i guess i drank a little too much beer and i felt the urge to pee. i made my way towards the toilet and dang... there was a freaking long queue. Tammy was also queuing up and she got fed up of waiting and started walking towards to me. i beckoned to her and she came over.

"giving up? or do you plan to pee in the pool?" i asked jokingly.

"no, you idiot" she laughed and punched me lightly on my chest. she rested her palm on my chest and continued "i'm going home to use my own toilet, which is gonna be much cleaner. i think i heard someone puke in there" she motioned towards the toilet. "wanna come? its only a 5 minute walk."

"sure. i'd give up anything to follow a hot chick home." i smiled. we both laughed and started walking towards her home.

"summer this year is so freaking hot," she complained while fanning herself with her hands. i couldn't help but to stare at her cleavage. she's really um... blossoming...

"yeah... my air conditioning is broken and i have to sleep with the windows open but it doesn't help. the air isn't really that cool at night. i always wake up sweaty and hot in the morning even if i sleep butt naked." i groaned.

"that sucks."

"yeah. hey, do you have air conditioning in your room? can i sleep over at your place tonight?"

"yeah right. i know you'd prefer to sleep in my sister's room. all the guys would prefer that." she rolled her eyes. "you guys are such pervs. only think about sex all the time."

"hey, you're gonna start dating someone soon you know. and he's gonna ask for sex. lots of it."

"no way... i'm not interested in being someone's sex toy."

"you'll love it... just like how your sister loves it. i bet Ray loves it too." and i got punched.

"she's a tramp. of course she loves it."

"whoa... you seem to be not very happy with your sister... erm... the way she lives her life."

"i don't know... i just think that sex shouldn't be random. oh i don't know... can we change the subject?"

"no. i'd like to know why you're upset. i mean. i don't think you're jealous. you're hot, your body is way...."

"stop it... you're saying this just to make me feel better."

"no no no... i'm not lying to get into your pants. your bikini, in this case... although i'd love to but um... yeah... i'm not saying this for the sake of saying it. actually a lot of guys were talking about how one day you'd be so much hotter than your sister. you've got a lot of potential, and a lot of fans without you knowing it."

"you make me sound really cheap." she frowned and started walking faster.

"no... that's not what i meant. i'm just trying to say that you may look at yourself differently, but others also see you differently. they like you. which brings us back to the question - why are you upset about your sister?"

"i'm not jealous or anything. its just that... well, we used to be very close. now, she's only interested in sex and its like she's having a marathon to see how many guys she can sleep with."

"so you're not really against sex. you just felt lonely because your sister doesn't play hide and seek with you anymore?"

"you're a jerk. i don't know how Rena puts up with you all these years."


"you guys are dating right? i mean, i always see you two hang out very often. and i'm guessing you both had sex already?"

"actually, we are just friends. we just grew up together and became very close friends, that's all. and no, we haven't had sex before."

"yeah, right."

"why would i lie to you? i mean, this is why i'm still single and haven't gotten laid. everyone thinks that i'm dating Rena and we're happily fucking each other every night till sun rise." i groaned.

"are you for real?" her eyes were wide with disbelief.

"if i'm lying, i swear that i'll never get an erection for the rest of my life."

"so you both never made out or something?"

"which part of 'no' you didn't understand? jeez... i'm still a fucking vir..." i stopped myself but it was too late. she had started to giggle before bursting out into laughter.

"oh my god, i didn't know that..."

"shut up... don't tell anyone ok? its embarrassing... damnit... why the hell did i... oh, just stop laughing already" i was so damn embarrassed that i was silent all the way back to her home. she couldn't stop laughing though... i'm doomed. if she is as close to her sister as she claims, i'm pretty sure that Tracy will know about this, and so will so many others. damnit!!!

"i won't tell."


"about your... well, i won't tell anyone. you don't have to look like its the end of the world or something."


"i'm actually surprised that you didn't make out with Rena. you guys seemed so close. even closer than lovers. you didn't even consider going out like... i mean... like really going out?"

" actually... we're just very close friends and i think that is all there is to it. i never thought of anything else beyond that." and there was an awkward silence after that.

we were about to reach her house when she suddenly stopped. "kiss me", she said softly but was looking down.

"what?" i was completely taken by surprise.

"i'd like you to kiss me." she repeated but this time she was looking straight into my eyes. she moved in closer to me and she wrapped her arms around my neck. "will you kiss me or not?"

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Prologue - What Have I Done?

i struggle against my conscience, my willpower already spent, as i started to kiss you and caress you. our tongues intertwined. i could taste the wine that you had. the wine that made you drunk with ecstasy, the wine that was used to drug you, the wine that would have you be at the mercy of that bastard whom i punched his face in at the club so i could take you home. so i could protect you from being raped. so i could do what i am supposed to do. what i should do. what i ought to have only done.

and yet, i am no better than the bastard who tried to drug you. i don't know what he gave you but, you couldn't stop. you wanted sex and you wanted me. i always knew that you had loved me, and that you had craved for my love even when i was chasing after love. chasing after what i thought was love. you had gone out with this guy because you wanted me to be jealous. to be frustrated. to feel frustrated. just like how you felt all these years.

in your vulnerable state now, not only did i protect you, my best friend but i had taken advantage of you, even though i know you allowed me to. even if you hadn't been drugged, i know you want me to. and i don't seem to regret it as i continued to kiss you. my hands pulling up your dress while taking off my pants.

you moaned as i rubbed my cock against your clit. i could feel your juices already flowing as i slid my cock into your tight pussy in one swift stroke. your nails dug deep into my back as you drew your breath from my sudden penetration. you whispered "please... fuck me... please..." into my ear and i think i went crazy after that.

i was so rough on you that you were screaming from the abuse i was wrecking on your body. i came thrice inside you, our love juices soaking your bed, our sweaty bodies entwined in a cuddle that lasted till the morning.

morning. the moment of truth. what have i done? what do i do now? where do we go from here?