Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chapter 3 - Roommates Are Cool... Sometimes

"hi, my name's erik. i guess we are room mates now." i smiled and extended my hand.

"you can take that bed over there and you see all these stuff? they're mine. don't touch or take anything."

"nice meeting you too... asshole" i muttered under my breath.

"you said something?"

"nothing. must be the radio blasting next door."

wonderful. i have an asshole for a room mate. what the hell is his problem anyway. oh well, i can't be bothered. i unpacked my stuff and went out for a walk to make sure i know where i'm going so i don't get lost the next morning for orientation. i have a tendency to wake up late and rush somewhere like my ass is on fire.

i made my way pass the corridors and was greeted with half naked guys in all shapes and sizes (down girls... i'm referring to body built, not the danglers that you all love), yelling, fighting, dancing, uh... pretty much a chaotic scene. although the girls' dorm is in the same building but in an adjacent wing, security seems to be pretty lax as there were as much girls as there were guys hanging around. i guess this nullifies the negativity of having an asshole as a room mate. i'm back in good spirits, now if only i had a girl to bring back to my room, then i'd be in high spirits. oh well, its my first day and i shouldn't be asking too much... yet.

i was still exploring when i saw a huge group of people gathered near the parking lot so i decided to detour just a little bit to see what's going on. what i saw made my jaw drop. it was a fight, and a girl was kicking the asses... of 2 guys. yeap. 2 guys who were much bigger in size. the other girls were cheering and the guys who were watching were either deathly quiet or laughing at the 2 dudes sprawled on the pavement to cover their own embarrassment.

"someone's coming!" someone shouted and before i knew it, everyone seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye. i know i should be running like hell too but somehow, i couldn't tear my eyes away from that girl. she caught me looking at her, i blushed, turned around and ran. i have no idea why i did what i did. for the record, i don't like to get my ass handed to me by girls or guys. detour was over and i went on my way, my mind playing a vivid recollection of her swift and cool moves, standing tall over those 2 well built guys, a triumphant look on her face. she's hot by the way. i wonder what's her name. why was she fighting with those 2 guys. how did she learn to fight the way she did. and i slipped and went crashing down the stairs.

dazed and aching from the fall, i groaned amidst laughter and loud cheers. sometimes i wonder why the hell do people cheer when they see someone else in pain. if they really enjoyed my fall, they should pay for my chiropractor and whatever massage sessions. fuck them. i'll push them down the stairs and cheer next time. serves me right for day dreaming and not watching where i am going. i reached out to try and grab something to prop myself up and i felt someone gripped my hand and another held my back to help me stand up. thank god for good people in this world.

"you ok buddy?"

"you ok? man you sort of avalanched... down the stairs. it was thunderous."

i nodded and said thanks. what the hell does 'avalanche' down the stairs mean? that guy probably fell down the stairs and knocked himself silly. oh well, i shouldn't complain. at least he came to help. damn, i ache all over. i tasted blood. must have bitten my lips when i was 'avalanching'. fuck it. tour's over. i need rest. and i think i might need a compass. momentarily, i lost track of where i was and was pondering how do i get back to my dorm.

"you should put some ice on it." a voice behind me spoke.

"yeah, i plan to do so. if only i could find my way back to my dorm. i seem to have lost bearings of where i should go..." i replied and turned around. it was that kung fu girl! i was a bit shocked and it must have shown on my face.

"don't worry, i won't kick your ass unless you give me a reason to do so." she joked, i think because she doesn't seem to be smiling.

"sorry. i didn't mean to... uh... i mean, i'm already hurting everywhere so it doesn't matter if you kick my ass... uh... no... i'm not saying that i wanna do you... uh... no, i mean i don't wanna do you... wait... you're hot and i uh... damnit... what the hell am i saying?" i held my head as it was still throbbing in pain.

"i think you have a concussion. you should go to the clinic and get yourself checked out. and you should stop talking." she continued. "come on, i can take you there. i'm kathy by the way."

"i'm erik, the avalancher."

"the what?"

"never mind. i'm talking rubbish."


"hey, may i have some ice from you fridge? i had a bad fall just now and the ice in this ice pack is melting and..."

"go get your own ice. these are for my drinks. not for some clumsy ass fuck head."

i was tempted to hurl the ice pack into his face but i was aching too much for any big movements. maybe i'll set his ass on fire when he falls asleep. he smokes like a chimney anyway. no one will know that i did it. except, if CSI comes and investigate. then i'd be locked up. no way, i'm not going to jail for this asshole. maybe i'll just lace his drinks with a healthy dose of laxatives but what if he lets go on his bed, then i'd have to bear his stink. bah... its so hard to be an asshole like him. i didn't want to argue anymore so i went to sleep.

i began to dream about myself being in some fighting competition. i was in the finals and when my opponent climbed into the ring, the spotlight shone on her. it was Kathy! what the hell is going on? why am i fighting her? why am i fighting in the first place. i tried to talk to her but was drowned out by the crowd. she advanced and started landing blows. i was like a punching bag for her. i kept backing up until i reached the edge and fell off.

i awoke with a start. damn. what's wrong with me? i fell off the stairs in real life and now i'm dreaming of getting my ass kicked till i fall of a stage. just then, i heard some sounds coming from asshole's bed. since he didn't bother to give me his name, i'll continue to call him asshole. i turned my body a little and i was greeted with the scene of a girl riding him! what the fuck? how can an asshole get to fuck some chick even before college starts?

a million thoughts ran through my mind and most of it were disbelief and jealousy. i sighed, and i think i was a bit too loud for my own good because the girl noticed it and looked at me. i thought i was gonna be shouted at by the asshole to mind my own business and not to look at that girl or i'll have to pay him for a fuck show.

surprisingly, she didn't say anything. she just continued to ride him, but she was looking my way, as if putting on a show for me. she was grabbing her breasts, rubbing her own nipples and moaning at the same time. suddenly she stopped moving and she slapped the asshole, not too hard though. and she slapped him a couple of times again.

"useless prick. too stoned to fuck."

she climbed off of him and started walking over to my bed.

"you like what you see?"

i nodded. "what's going on?"

"let's just say that he has got something that i want but i can only repay him with something else."

i nodded again although i had no idea what she meant at that moment. i was too engrossed in ogling at her huge breasts.

"i'm still horny and dripping wet. how about you helping me a bit here?" she pulled off my blankets "i can see that someone's excited." she smiled and took off my boxers. "oooohhh... you've got a nice one here." and she kissed the tip of my cock before licking and sucking on it, making wet and slippery sounds.

i just laid there, unsure of what i should do and she said "i think you're ready." and in one swift motion, she positioned herself on top and sat down. she moaned as her pussy was invaded by my pulsating rod. she began to move and she grabbed my hands and placed it on her breasts.

"i saw the way you were staring at them. do whatver you want with them." i started to fondle her breasts, playing with her nipples. "you're so tender and nice. others would have kneaded them like they were making bread dough."

"why are you..."

"does it matter?" she cut me off.

"no but..."

"then just fuck me. consider this your orientation present. a welcome gift to college."

she began to move faster and moan louder while i continued to play with her breasts. not that i can do anything else. i'm still aching all over and in pain. fortunately, the pleasurable sensation is numbing out the pain. she was really good with her muscle control because i felt that i was gonna cum soon.

"i'm gonna cum." i panted. she got off of my cock and began sucking rigoriously and massaging my balls.

"i... love... cum... in... my... mouth..." she mumbled in between slurps.

"i'm cumming!" and i emptied my load into her mouth. she swallowed all of it and continued to suck and lick on my shaft. it was still standing at attention.

"i guess there's more from where that came from. i want all of it."

this was the first time i cum into some hot chick's mouth and she swallowed every drop of it and on top of that, she still wants more? i'd be a prick to deny her request. she was really good at giving head. within minutes i felt the familiar jerk and i was cumming into her mouth again.

"mmm... i love fresh cum. you must have had sex right before you came to college. whoever that girl is, she's a lucky girl to have such a nice toy to play with." she rubbed my cock with her hands.

"i like your cock. make sure its ready for me every tuesday and thursday nights." she got dressed and started to leave.

"what's your name?"

"does it matter?" she smiled and left the room.

i guess it doesn't. as long we all get what we want, one way or another.


orientation is such a boring affair. fortunately, there are a lot of hotties to cure my boredom as i scanned the crowd of new intakes. most of the guys were dressed trying to impress ( i said most because some came looking like uh... thrash), all the girls were dressed to kill. if the guys were to take off their pants, i'm pretty sure we'd all be 'pointing rudely' at someone. looks like i'm gonna have a lot of fun. i'm beginning to love college. oh well, who doesn't?

but i'm regretting what i said a week ago. i have absolutely no fucking idea what the lecturer is talking about. and a mute person can actually be louder than him. what the fuck is wrong with him? has years of teaching done him in that he only talks to himself? fuck. where the hell did they find this guy? from the land of the soft spoken? or did they hire him from the mumblers' club?

on the bright side, at least i'm sitting next to a hot chick and i think a lot of guys didn't like it. before the class started, she came through the doors with an entourage of all shapes and sizes (body built again in case you girls get too sexcited). maybe entourage is an understatement, she was practically swarmed by a horde of animals would be a more fitting description of her entrance.

she seemed disturbed by the admirers crowding around her but couldn't care less about the evil glares some of the other girls were throwing at her. she hesitated for awhile and then proceeded to walk towards where i was seating. and she sat down. right between me and another girl. i just became a human shield for her but on the other hand, a stumbling block for her admirers. i don't know if i should be happy or worried. i began to get hit by flying objects like rolled up papers, erasers, paper clips and other really juvenile projectiles. not that i'd like to get hit by a flying machete of course.

pretty soon the whole auditorium filled with students and the lecturer started the class. half an hour later, i could see many students had either fallen asleep, panicked because they can't hear shit and began moving to the front rows, contemplated suicide to end their boring college life or just do their own things. if boredom can kill, the lecturer is a serial mass murderer. hitler would have knelt down and polished his faded leather shoes to make it shine brighter than a gazillion carrat diamond.

i couldn't help but to look at my temporary neighbour, Shirley. i didn't bother to be discreet as she would have been immune to stares and probably attentions of the worse kind. up close, she wasn't really those hollywood bombshell type but she was pretty, the type that grows on you and lasts. something along the lines of Nicole Kidman. she was fair, tall for a girl her age, has a pleasant voice with a petite body to match.

i wonder if she will be a part of my changing fate. of late, so many unexpected things have happened and i'm beginning to think that my life has taken an exciting twist. i wonder if Shirley will be a star in the upcoming chapters.

what do you think?


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