Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Prologue - What Have I Done?

i struggle against my conscience, my willpower already spent, as i started to kiss you and caress you. our tongues intertwined. i could taste the wine that you had. the wine that made you drunk with ecstasy, the wine that was used to drug you, the wine that would have you be at the mercy of that bastard whom i punched his face in at the club so i could take you home. so i could protect you from being raped. so i could do what i am supposed to do. what i should do. what i ought to have only done.

and yet, i am no better than the bastard who tried to drug you. i don't know what he gave you but, you couldn't stop. you wanted sex and you wanted me. i always knew that you had loved me, and that you had craved for my love even when i was chasing after love. chasing after what i thought was love. you had gone out with this guy because you wanted me to be jealous. to be frustrated. to feel frustrated. just like how you felt all these years.

in your vulnerable state now, not only did i protect you, my best friend but i had taken advantage of you, even though i know you allowed me to. even if you hadn't been drugged, i know you want me to. and i don't seem to regret it as i continued to kiss you. my hands pulling up your dress while taking off my pants.

you moaned as i rubbed my cock against your clit. i could feel your juices already flowing as i slid my cock into your tight pussy in one swift stroke. your nails dug deep into my back as you drew your breath from my sudden penetration. you whispered "please... fuck me... please..." into my ear and i think i went crazy after that.

i was so rough on you that you were screaming from the abuse i was wrecking on your body. i came thrice inside you, our love juices soaking your bed, our sweaty bodies entwined in a cuddle that lasted till the morning.

morning. the moment of truth. what have i done? what do i do now? where do we go from here?

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