Friday, July 31, 2009

Chapter 4 - A Weekend With Rena

"eeeeeeewwwwww!!! you're drooling on me!!!" i was rudely and painfully awakened from my deep slumber with a hard smack across my cheek.

"wha..." i slurred, eyes half open, my mind trying to readjust back to reality from my world of dreams.

"why do you always drool on me every time you sleep?" Rena complained while wiping away my drool from her neck and shoulders. "if i didn't know better, i'd think that you are some retard that can't... HEY!!! don't do that... eeeewwww..." she shrieked and hit me as i buried my face into her pillow to wipe off the drool on my cheeks.

"you always... always... ugh... i've got to change my sheets now. move aside you fat and drooling whale." she pushed me aside and got off of her bed.

my eyes were slowly adjusting to the dim room and i watched as Rena chucked the tissue soaked with my saliva into a waste paper basket. "how could a human being drool so much? you're gross you know that?"

i stretched my arms and legs "its not that i do it on purpose... i drool whether i'm sleeping with you or not. wait... that didn't come out right..." i got up and walked towards the bathroom.

"hey! you're not going in there yet! help me to change the sheets. its got your drool all over it."

"if its got my drool all over it, we'd be sleeping in a water bed. just leave it. i'm gonna spend another night here so there's not point in changing it. i'll help you to change it tomorrow ok?" i yawned and continued walking towards the bathroom. and i got hit by a pillow on the back of my head.

"ok... this is war." i picked up the pillow and found ourselves in a pillow fight. it's like a ritual now. every time we slept together, we would argue about my drool and then end up with a pillow fight. i always let her win and she'd always smile and kiss me after the fight. then we'd go clean and freshen up before looking for food to fill our empty stomachs.

this time, i somehow lost my balance and she sat on my abs and shoved the pillow into my face "smell that! that's your disgusting smell. a smell i had to live with for a million years."

i stuck up my arms to surrender and she removed the pillow, smiling at me while i gasped for air. "i win again." she said with a smirk. as she relaxed, i reached for her waist and tickled her. she began to scream and fight back. she's always afraid of being tickled and i wanted to be an ass this morning by not letting her win so easily. as she struggled, i watched her breasts bounce up and down. she has really nice breasts. although i have seen her naked many times, i'm still amazed by how rounded and soft they are, how pink and erect her nipples are, how much i'd like to...

"aaahhhh....." she let out a half moan. as she was struggling and trying to wiggle herself out of my tickle attack, she had started to slide downwards and somehow, her pussy rubbed against my erection. she blushed and when she saw me staring at her breasts, her nipples erect, she covered them with her arm but she didn't move. i rested my hands on her hips and looked into her eyes. she looked away and lay down on my chest. "i think i'm homesick. i miss mom. i feel so alone sometimes. i'm glad you came to look for me." her voice was a little shaky.

i caressed her hair "its ok. i'm here. when we have longer breaks, i'll drive us both home so you can see your mom ok?" i kissed her hair. she nodded.

we lay like that for awhile until she had calmed down.


"hey, could you grab that olive oil for me?"

"ok." i grabbed a bottle and threw it into the cart. "what else do you need?"

"just need to find a nice bottle of wine now." she beamed and began walking towards the liquor section.

it was the first weekend that we're spending together since college started a few weeks ago and i'm glad that Rena is slowly adapting to college life. she's staying at a studio apartment at the moment so its pretty convenient, thanks to the appearance of multiple cracks in their dorm. as a safety precaution, all students were asked to vacate the premises and they will be relocated to nearby studio apartments which is fully paid for by the college.

she's still a cry baby at times because she misses her mom but i've promised to come visit her as much as i can to keep her company. well, at least until she is more independent and have made new friends. we agreed to staying in for the weekend to try out some of her mom's recipes and here we are now, shopping for our dinner tonight. correction. shopping for a whole lot of things and also dinner tonight. girls have this uncanny ability to just buy anything anywhere even when they really don't need it. i feel like i'm some kind of a beast of burden, lugging her stuff all over the place. oh well, i like her company and she's cooking so i shouldn't complain.

"what the hell are you gonna do with all these stuff when its time for you to move back to the dorm?"

'i'll just move it."

"you mean you'll be getting me to move it for you."

"of course." she laughed.

"i'm gonna start charging you."

"which i am paying for right now with a place for you to sleep over during the weekends and also lotsa food. so stop complaining like a lil girl."

"hey, you wanna catch a movie later? after we drop off the stuff at your place?" i changed the subject.

"i wanna watch harry potter."

"what the... i'm not gonna watch some kids waving a stick around. transformers is my pick."

"harry potter." she insisted.

"but you've read the books already. i wanna watch transformers." i groaned.

"you mean you wanna watch megan fox. well, you can watch your transformers but i'll watch harry potter." she pouted. i sighed and gave in. she smiled. i hate myself. i always let her have her way. this has gotta stop. oh well, maybe next time... because she's cooking tonight. yeah, i'm a glutton.


"admit it. you liked the movie."

"not bad. for some kids trying to act like a magician." she punched me.

just then, out of the corner of my eye, i spotted a shadow. somehow my instinct told me something was wrong. i looked to my right and i saw a well dressed gentleman talking to a little girl. he was offering her cotton candy but she was shaking her head. as she started to back away, i walked towards them.

"hey, where are you going?" Rena ran after me.

the little girl looked as if she was about to cry and right at that moment, a woman ran to her and picked her up. she glared at the man.

"is everything ok?" i asked the woman while making a mental note of how the man looked like. clean shaven, small eyes, slightly crooked nose, about 6' 7", medium built. i can kick his ass whichever way i wanted to.

"this is none of your business. they are my wife and daughter. back off." he growled.

"i'm not talking to you. i'm talking to this lady here." i held my cool and asked the woman again. "is everything ok?" by that time, people had noticed and was starting to stare.

"he's not my husband. not anymore. we're divorced." he voice trembled. she looked at him and pleaded "why won't you leave us alone?!"

"you're mine!" he shouted and grabbed her arm forcefully, which was a very stupid thing to do. the woman lost grip on her child and the child slipped and fell. fortunately, Rena was close and she managed to catch the little girl before she hit the ground.

"let me go!!!" she screamed and struggled to free herself.

that was when i lost it. i swung hard at his right kidney, which had the desired effect. pain and numbness shot through his body and his grip loosened. i freed the woman from his grip and landed another hard one right on his nose. i think that was how his nose got crooked in the first place. someone else must have punched his lights out too.

by then, a few other guys had moved in to help restrain that guy. Rena tried hard to help the woman and her child to calm down while we kept a close eye on that guy until the security personnel arrive.


"thank you." she managed a smile.

"don't mention it. anyone would have done the same." i replied. Sharon was a divorced from her abusive and cheating husband. her divorce lawyer built a strong case, giving her a crucial win in the custody of her 4 year old child. they were married for 5 years before she caught her husband cheating with his secretary at work. he became abusive when she confronted him and ended up with bruises and stitches.

her parents had already passed away so she had no one to turn to for help. fortunately, the judge ruled in her favor and she had a chance to start over again with her child. however, she's finding it hard to make ends meet as she didn't have enough work experience. she had married because she was pregnant a year after she had graduated. she chose to stay home to take care of the baby and keep the house in order. it was a pity her husband didn't see the sacrifices she made for him - to give up her own freedom, her own career pursuits to make a home for him. but who am i to judge him? i've never been married nor have i ever been in a relationship.

"your girlfriend is pretty good with kids. Betty is normally reserved, especially with strangers."

"yeah, Rena has a way with kids. she's not my girlfriend though. we're just friends, neighbors actually. we grew up together." i smiled.

"oh, i'm so sorry. i thought you two were dating." Sharon apologized.

"nah... i'm her handyman today. helping her to fix up her apartment and stuff. the movie was a welcome break before i get back to work. she's a slave driver." i whispered.

"i heard that." Rena glared at me and made a face.

"ops, i didn't whisper it softly enough." i laughed.

"sssshhhhh... she's sleeping. lower down your voice."

"its ok, she's not a light sleeper thank God. i get to sleep quite well at nights." Sharon smiled.

"oh... that's great. just like Rena. a nuclear bomb could have went off in her backyard and she'd still be snoring."

"hey, i don't snore. you're the one who snores like an avalanche." Rena retorted. i guess 'avalanche' is around to stay.

"its getting late, we have to go. thanks for coming down to the station with me. i really appreciate that. i really hope that i can get a restraining order against him. he's been following us around from place to place. i don't know how he finds us but its really disturbing."

"hey, if you don't mind, we can actually accompany you home, just to be safe." i offered.

"yeah, we could do that." Rena nodded.

"its ok. i've already troubled you enough. i'll be fine."

"are you sure? we're not in a hurry..."

"yes, its ok. thank you. i'll see you both again ok?" Sharon smiled.

"ok then." we escorted her back to her car and exchanged good byes.

"i seriously don't understand how her husband can cheat on her. she's hot." i wondered aloud.

"oh my god. you're unbelievable. you were checking her out?" Rena exclaimed.

"what? i'm just stating the obvious." i replied. "she's attractive, probably does yoga as she's in great shape..."

"i wanna go home."

"are you jealous?" i laughed.

"no, i'm not. why would i be jealous because of you?"

"awwww... don't worry my dear. you'll always be my favourite snoring neighbor." i teased her.

"you're the one who snores." she punched me several times.


i awoke with a start. i stole a glance at the clock, it was 3:00am. Rena was fast asleep, cuddled up close to me. it was raining heavily outside and the thunder had jolted me awake. it was getting cold as we were naked and her blanket wasn't thick enough. i made a mental note to get her a thicker blanket before i headed back to college. i held her close so she could at least have some body warmth and then went back to sleep.

but i couldn't sleep. i lay awake for quite awhile, listening to her breathe. sometimes i wondered what it would be like if we were dating. we were doing everything that a couple would do, except sex of course. and at the thought of sex, i felt a stirring in my loins. i was tempted to touch her and as my imagination ran wild, my full erection rubbed gently against her stomach everytime we breathed. i couldn't betray her trust like this. i care for her too much to violate her like this. in the end, i just kissed her gently on her lips and then went back to sleep.

little did i know that she was actually awake the whole time. would she have resisted if i went further? would she have let me make love to her? i never got a chance to find out.