Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chapter 5 - Fate, Date & Chocolates

"it's really pouring... can't see a damn thing. at this rate, it's gonna take me forever to get home."

i was surprised by the intensity of the storm. i can understand the severity of one during summer but come on, in autumn as well? i hope i don't end up as a statistic. as i squinted to see ahead, my headlights illuminated a car parked on the side of the road with its hood popped up. looks like i'm not the one with the worst day. as i slowed down and pulled alongside, i realized that it was the mysterious girl!

"need help?!" i rolled down my windows and called out to her.

without saying a word, she gathered her stuff in her car and hopped into mine. "thanks for the ride. i thought my day couldn't get any worse."

"you sure you wanna leave your car here?"

"its ok. no one's gonna steal that old junk." she sneezed. "hey, do you have a towel or something in here?"

"yeah, its in my bag, on the back seat. i've got some t shirts too, new ones. did some shopping earlier. you should change out of your wet clothes or you'll catch a cold."

"thanks. sorry about your seats though. its all wet."

"its ok, leather is pretty easy to clean up."

it was freaking hard to concentrate on my driving with a girl whom i've had fucked before and even swallowed my cum, twice... sitting butt naked beside me, toweling herself dry. although it was very dark, i could still see her perky breasts with her erect nipples trembling slightly whenever she shivered. i turned up the heater.

"thanks." she squeezed my arm with her left hand and continued to pat dry her hair with her other.

"what were you doing back there? i mean, you went somewhere over the weekend?" i tried to act calm.

"yeah, i wanted to spend some time with my boyfriend but in the end we just quarreled again so i'm going back a day earlier. was supposed to hang out with him at his place till monday."

"oh well, fights are inevitable in a relationship right? i'm sure you guys will make up pretty soon."

"nope. i broke off with him."

i didn't know how to respond to that. luckily, she continued "we were fucking halfway when a tramp came into the room. she had the key to his apartment. and she was screaming bloody murder accusing me of sleeping with her fiancee." she explained.

"you seem relatively calm."

"i knew he had many women. i didn't mind really as i fuck around too but he told me he isn't engaged to anyone. i just found out that he'll be getting married in a couple of months time. i didn't want any complications, so i left." she continued.

i didn't know what to say. i had wanted to make small talk to distract myself from lusting after her body to avoid an accident but i brought up something really unpleasant instead.

"i'm sorry. are you ok?"

"you don't have to apologize. its not your fault anyway... and i know you're probably trying to distract yourself from fantasizing about fucking me again."

"that obvious huh..." i laughed nervously. it was really unexpected. she ended up setting things at ease even though she should be hurting inside. i don't really believe that a person can be so detached and can just walk out of a relationship without hurting.

she squeezed my erection and murmured into my ear "i can see the tent you made in your pants dear. you missed me?" she started to unzip my jeans. "let me help you with this."

"wait, i'm driving. its dangerous..." i tried feebly to decline.

"pull over then. its an empty stretch of road anyway." and she wrapped her lips around my cock. "mmmm... tastes good."

i pulled over but left the engine running and my lights on.

"i was rudely interrupted just now so i want you to make me cum." and she climbed into the back seat. i followed.

we french kissed as our hands explored each others' body. unable to contain my lust any longer, i entered her in one swift motion. she moaned loudly as she probably wasn't expecting my rod in her yet.

she looked at me seductively and sucked on her own fingers. "you want me that bad that you're not gonna play with me awhile longer?"

"no... not... tonight..." i grunted. "i've been... waiting... for... tuesdays..."

she pulled my face closer, kissed me on the lips and said "then... fuck... me... hard... fuck... me... till... i scream... for... you... to stop... aaahhhhhh...." she moaned even louder as i pounded her furiously.

i motioned for her to turn around before i re-entered her with a hard jab. "oh yesssss... fuck... me... like... a... bitch..." i grabbed her hips and continued ramming her pussy with my cock, making her scream in ecstasy. i could feel her love juices flowing freely as she came but i didn't stop pounding her with my rod. her body continued to shudder and convulse as she gets hit with multiple orgasms and collapses on the seat. we were both covered in sweat now.

just then, a lightning flash illuminated our naked bodies... and i saw her tears. her cheeks were wet and glistened at every lightning flash. i was stunned for a moment. i didn't know what to do. i felt like an asshole. she was hurting but all i cared for was getting into her pants.

"let's go home." i said.

she nodded. she was silent throughout the rest of the journey..

"thanks for the ride. i'll see you on tuesday night." she smiled as i dropped her off at her apartment.

"okay." i tried to smile.


i couldn't concentrate in class. i kept thinking about last night. i wonder if she's fine. images of her naked body with her wrists slit, her limp body hung from a beam and her brains splattered all over the pavement streamed pass my eyes. maybe i should drop by her apartment to check if she is ok. i was still deep in thought while walking towards my car that i didn't hear someone calling my name.

"HEY! YOU DEAF?!" Kathy screamed into my ear.

"I am now!" i grimaced in pain. it was kung fu girl. correction. LOUD kung fu girl. "what the hell are you doing sneaking up on people and screaming like a banshee into their ear? this some kind of a new martial art you learning? some stealth-ninja-scream-into-ear technique or something?"

"i called out to you a couple of times but you didn't hear me."

"still, you shouldn't have screamed like that. my ears are still ringing."

"you're such a lil girl..."

"what the..."

by now, everyone was laughing. i got pissed and walked off. she ran after me.

"hey, i'm sorry ok? i need your help."

i ignored her and continued walking.

"don't make me scream into your ear again."

i covered both my ears and continued walking. she grabbed my arm.

"hey, i'm serious. i need a ride."

"look. i gotta be someplace and i'm in a hurry. i cant help even if i want to."

"i just need a lift to the hospital. its only 10 minutes away. my aunt had an accident and she's at the hospital now. i'm sorry about just now ok?" she pleaded.

how can i say no? i'm a good guy. and she might start calling me vengeful-little-girl for not helping her.

"fine. i'll take you there."

"thanks." she beamed.

we got caught in traffic while we were on the way to the hospital. she looked worried.

"what happened actually, if you don't mind me asking?"

"well, she was airing out the laundry when she slipped and fell. apparently she suffered a fractured hip so she couldn't move as she was in pain. thank God a neighbor heard her cries for help and then called 911."

"oh, i'm sorry to hear that. your aunt was home alone?"

"yea... my uncle died a couple of years ago and my cousin lives in another state. i'm living with her now since i'm studying here."

"i see. well, i'm sure she'll be fine. that hospital has got some pretty good doctors."


just then, her stomach growled. her face turned crimson.

"haven't had your lunch yet huh?" i smiled. she was silent from embarrassment.

"i have some chocolates in my backpack. you can have some if you want. its in the back seat."

"its ok, i'm fine." her stomach growled again. i laughed. she hit me and then reach for my backpack.

"do you always keep chocolates in your backpack?" she asked while she munched away.

"yeah, for emergencies." i glanced across at her. "you must be very hungry. that chocolate has been in my backpack for ages. its probably expired."

"what?!" she exclaimed in horror. i laughed and before she spit it out i told her i was joking. i had just bought them in the morning and was only teasing her. if i wasn't driving, i think she would have murdered me on the spot. remind me not to tease a girl who knows kung fu and screams like a banshee.

i dropped her off a little while later and sped off to look for mysterious girl.


i rang on the doorbell but there was no answer. i guess she isn't home. i really hope she is fine. as i was about to leave, her neighbor came out and was a little startled to see me.

"hi, i was wondering if you've seen my friend who lives in this apartment?" i asked politely.

"are you another one of Melissa's boyfriend?" she looked suspiciously at me. "well, she went out this morning but i don't think she has come back yet. don't you have her cell number?"

"oh i see. yeah, i'll call her. thanks" i muttered and hurried out of the apartment block as i would look stupid and more suspicious if i told her i didn't have Melissa's number. fact is, i had just gotten to know her name too.

well, i hope Melissa's fine. i guess i'll just have to wait till tomorrow night to see her again. as i was walking back to my car, my cell phone rang. it was Kathy.

"hey, is your aunt ok?" i asked.

"yea, she's fine. she'll be discharged in a few days time."

"that's good news!"

"yea. i was really worried." she breathed a sigh of relief. "hey, thanks for giving me a ride just now."

"no problem. you can call me anytime."

"really? thanks a lot." she sounded happy. "say uh... do you mind helping me a lil bit more? i need to go home to pack up some stuff for my aunt."

"sure. i'll come over to pick you up now."

"thanks. i really appreciate it."

"no problem. i'll see you in awhile."


we had just dropped off the things she packed for her aunt and was leaving the hospital.

"hey um, do you have plans tonight?" she asked.

"no, why? you need a ride to the hospital again?"

"no... no... um... i thought i should buy you dinner or something. for helping me out today." she blushed slightly.

"you don't have to worry about it."

"oh, you're not free tonight? we can do it another time, when you're free." she sounded a little dejected.

"no no. i don't have any plans tonight. well, if you insist, i'd be happy to your company for dinner tonight." i smiled.

"ok. then. pick me up at 7?" she beamed.


i guess i have a date tonight.