Monday, July 20, 2009

Chapter 2 - Summer Before College

my mind's still in a blur, trying to make sense out of what happened a couple of hours ago. i was walking together with Tammy to her home and suddenly out of the blue, she asked me to kiss her. the question "why me?" was still tormenting my mind. although i'm not hideous, i'd be lying if i said that i am a hunk. i'm just another average joe, like so many millions of guys out there so, why me? i sighed and shook my head and then i felt a sharp pain across my cheek.

"what the?"

"i hate you! this is gonna be our last night together and all you can do is just stare into space, totally oblivious to what i have said." Rena stomped out of her room.

damn... i forgot that i'm here to say good bye to Rena and tell her how much i'm gonna miss her and her company. i guess i'm really a jerk. my best friend is sad and heart broken and soon to be home sick and god knows what other emotions and here i am, thinking about Tammy. i ran out after her.

"hey, i'm sorry. i uh... i've got a lot on my mind and i couldn't help getting distracted. i didn't mean to ignore you or hurt your feelings." i held her hand and she turned around and hugged me. so tightly. i could feel my shoulder getting wet from her tears. she was trying really hard not to make even a whimper.

i stroked her hair and said "hey, don't be sad. although you'll be far away from home, i'll still be nearby, a couple of hours drive away. i'll come and see you ok?" she started to sob.

"i know you're afraid of being lonely but i'm sure you'll make new friends. i know it's hard but you're a big girl now. you're going to college and you'll have plenty of friends. you're not going to be lonely or feel lonely anymore ok? and i'll always be there for you. just a phone call away." i hugged her tightly.

"this isn't easy for your mom. please stop crying. i'm sure she can hear you." i pleaded for her to calm down. "come on... why don't we take a walk."

i held her hand, led her down the stairs and opened the front door where a cool breeze greeted us. i guess summer is really over and autumn is coming soon. we stepped out and she held back.

"what's wrong?"

"my eyes are puffy. i don't want anyone to see me like this."

"its one in the morning, no one is awake, just us."

she shook her head.

"don't you wanna go to our secret hideout for the last time? it might not be there anymore when we graduate from college."

she fidgeted for awhile and finally consented. "ok. but i want you to carry me, just like how you did the last time when i sprained my ankle."

"sure, you big baby" i teased her and dropped to my knees and waited for her to climb onto my back. she always loved piggy back rides, especially when she is really feeling down. my back sort of gives her a sense of security and warmth. i have no idea she meant what she meant when she told me that.

we were really quiet as we made our way towards our secret hideout. scenes of our youth began to flash before my eyes. i realized that i'm probably the only real friend that she has apart from her mom. my heart ached for her. she snuggled real close, her arms wrapped tightly around me. i could feel her breath on my neck. she had calmed down now.

"thanks. for always being there for me. for always taking care of me. for everything." her voice trembled a little.

"you've been a very good friend to me all these years too. you've put up with a lot my crap and yet you've never really complained. you're always there for me too. i'll never ever forget you Rena. i'm so gonna miss you." and she cried again. this time she cried so hard that she was shaking. i let her down, held her close and just let her let it all out. i could feel my heart being torn apart by her sadness. she continued to cry, until she fell asleep on my shoulder until morning.

she left without saying good bye. i guess it must have been harder for her than for me to actually say "good bye". i texted her on her cell, wishing her well and reassuring her that i'll make it a point to visit her over the weekends. she never replied. i guess she just wants some time to calm down. it is, after all, her first time leaving her home, and most importantly, her mom whom she loves and cares for so much.


"do you find me attractive?" she asked, staring straight into my eyes.

"uh... yes... you are beautiful and uh... you're really hot... and uh..." i stuttered, totally caught off guard.

"then do you wish to kiss me? do you want to kiss me?" and i kissed her. right in front of her house. as our lips parted, i gasped for breath.

"you're quite a good kisser." she said, shyly. "you sure you haven't kissed a girl before?"

"i have now." and i kissed her again, pulling her closer.

"we should go inside. i don't want my neighbors to see. my parents are out-of-town by the way." i could see her blushing.

"uh... i need to use the..." i started.

"you can use the one next to the kitchen. come up to my room later. its the second door on the right." she said and hurried up the stairs.

i still couldn't believe what was happening. am i really gonna get laid tonight? this is the first time a girl came on to me and i got lucky? i made sure that i didn't smell like beer breath and that everything else was uh... clean and tidy.

i hesitated a little outside her door, still thinking about what had happened and what is about to happen. i knocked softly "i'm coming in."

her room was lighted by several candles, scented ones - lavender i think. shayne ward was playing softly in the background. she had already changed into a black see-through nightie and was sitting on the edge of her bed. i walked over to her and sat beside her.

i looked into her eyes, and she into mine, and we kissed passionately. my hands caressed her body while her right hand squeezed my inner thigh. her breasts were soft and tender and she whimpered a little when i played with her nipples. she touched my erection, tracing a line around it, running her slender fingers along my rod.

i undressed her and laid her on her back, murmured sweet nothings into her ear, kissed, licked and nibbled on her ear lobe. i could feel her shudder as i continued to kiss her neck, making my way down to her soft breasts. a moan escaped her lips as i began to lick and suck gently on her nipples. she pulled my head up to kiss again and our tongues locked in ecstasy.

she reached down and started massaging my rod as i struggled clumsily to remove my surf shorts with one hand. our naked bodies intertwined in a passionate embrace as we continued our kisses and caress. i used my left hand to play gently with her nipples while i rubbed her clit with the other hand. she was already soaking wet.

i wanted to finger her a little but she grabbed my hand and said "i want nothing else except your cock inside me. but please be gentle."

i nodded and placed the tip of my cock against her clit, gently rubbed it a little and slowly entered her. i could feel her hymen giving way as i pushed it in with a single stroke. her fingernails dug deep into my back as she drew her breath in.

"did it hurt?"

"a little. go slow ok?"

i moved slowly, letting her get accustomed to my fully erect 9 incher sliding in and out of her tight pussy. she was really wet so it was easier for both of us and before i knew it, she was already urging me to go faster. our lips locked again as i began to pump her furiously.

we were both breathing heavily and she began to moan loudly when i grabbed both her breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. her love juice was flowing freely and i could feel her wetness seeping out and soaking her bed. i motioned for her to turn around so i could see her beautiful ass and also enjoy the view of my rock hard cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy.

i reached around and grabbed her breasts again, squeezing them harder this time, kissing the back of her shoulder and telling her how good it felt to have her tight pussy massage my cock. she moaned even louder "fuck me... please... fuck me... harder... i'm coming. aaahhhh... fuck me harder... make me cum hard..."

i braced myself properly with my knees planted on her bed, grabbed her hips and rammed my cock as hard and as fast as i could, making her scream with wild pleasure. i felt her pussy tighten around my cock and her whole body twitched and she came with a really loud moan. i had to hold her as she was twitching so violently that i was afraid that she might collapse. i could feel her juices trickling down our thighs, making a huge damp spot on her bed. i could also see some blood. i was her first man.

as her body began to relax, i turned her over again. she was pink, and really flushed and it turned me on so much that i started to fuck her again. she gazed sexily into my eyes and said "give me more... fuck me hard... fuck me..." and before she could continue, i went berserk. she was screaming with every stroke that i pumped into her, our sweaty bodies glistening in the candle light.

"i'm.... gonna... cum..." i panted.

"not... yet... cum together... with... me... its... my... safe day... you can... fill me... with your cum...."

i grit my teeth and held back as long as i could, furiously pumping her pussy with my cock. i attacked her nipples viciously with my teeth, biting, nibbling, sucking until she grabbed my head and almost suffocted me with her breasts.

"let me... go... on top..." she panted. i pulled her body up and i laid on my back as she propped herself up to ride me. "don't you dare to cum first..." she said and started to ride me like a maniac, her moans becoming louder till she was screaming with reckless abandon. i reached out with both my hands, grabbed the underside of her thighs and began thrusting upwards into her pussy, my mind going blank as i was on the verge of cumming. just then, i felt her pussy tighten around my cock again as her body started to convulse and her love juices gushed out of her. i felt a twitch on my rod and i started to cum hard as well, shooting my cum deep into her pussy. we moaned and held each other tightly as we continued to cum, her pussy milking every single drop from my pulsating rod.

we lay in each other's embrace for awhile. stealing kisses now and then, carressing each other, listening to each other's breathing. she snuggled close and was still breathing hard. the dancing shadows of the candle lights on her body somehow got me aroused again. she looked up at me and giggled "you're not gonna let me rest are you?" and before i could reply, her mouth engulfed my cock, sucking and licking it. it was a bit awkward for her as she had not given head before and she gagged quite a few times trying to take all of my 9 inches into her throat.

"i want you to ride me again. i wanna see your sexy expression when you ride my cock. i wanna see your lovely breasts dance in front of me, taunting me to play with them."

she positioned herself on top of me but i surprised her by grabbing her hips and pulling her down hard onto my rod. she screamed as my full length penetrated deep into her womb. she began to ride me like her life depended on it, moaning loudly every time she came slamming down hard on my rod. i sat up and hungrily devoured her breasts as she continued to rock and girate on my cock.

"i'm... gonna... cum... again..." and she leaned back.

"me too..." i grunted as i held her hips and pumped her like a wild animal. i felt my cock twitching and yelled "i'm cumming!!! i'm cumming!!!"

"cum for me... cum all you want inside me..." she moaned as she rode me till we both collapsed on her bed.


it was almost midnight before i got home, and it dawned on me that Rena was waiting for me at her house because she is leaving for college in the morning. i took a quick shower and hurried over to her place as fast as my wobbly legs could take me.

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