Monday, July 13, 2009

Chapter 1 - Winds of Change

there is always a beginning to a story and i guess this is how it all began for me.

ever felt that your teenage life was the most mundane, colorless and lifeless? ever felt that you don't belong no matter how hard you tried to reach out? ever felt forgotten because everyone seems to be more of an interesting subject that you are? i felt all of that, and more. those were the awkward teen years that i had - a life so boring that watching 2 snails racing each other to see which reaches an inch first seems like the NBA playoffs. you get the point.

fortunately, my lucky stars intervened. it was nearing the end of summer when i got invited to a pool party. OK, actually, a neighbor invited their neighbors (us) to their pool party. they had just managed to terrorize their contractors to finish building a pool in their backyard before the end of summer and they wanted to show it off to the us, their neighbors. i thank them for curing my boredom. and i thank them for setting in motion, the gears of change to my extremely insignificant life.

as predicted, not many parents were there. my guess was no one was interested in how the pool was done just in time, how much it cost them, how they finally have a nice place to chill out in their own backyard, how their pool is always open for their neighbors. how pretentiously boring and irritating. reminds me of desperate housewives.

anyway, the absence of adults meant only one thing - party time for us. i had no idea that my neighbors' daughters were so hot in bikinis! i think i have more reasons to hang out with my neighbors now. i began scanning the pool area and checking out tanned bodies in bikinis when someone pinched my ass from behind.

"stop ogling you pervert!" Rena smiled at me.

"hey there, you came here to stalk me or to try to put yourself on garage sale so someone would consider taking you home?" i grinned at her. bad choice of words. she got pissed, kicked me in the shin and walked off. i limped after her.

"aw... come on..." i grabbed her arm. she swung around and pinched my cheek real hard and said "that's for being an insensitive bastard when i'm wearing such a hot bikini for you."

"really? can i peel them off of you later on while we make out in the bushes or something?" i smiled devilishly.

"no chance for you now, you prick! i'm gonna go look for a guy who is more caring and sensitive." and she walked off towards the pool.

Rena was my neighbor. we grew up together as she would either come over to my place or i would go over to hers to play. she had a swing in her backyard while i had a tree house over at mine. we always enjoyed each others company. don't really know why. we tried to play with the other kids and even invited them to join us but it seems like none of them were really interested. i guess having new toys every week made them feel different and important so they weren't really interested in swings and tree houses. oh well, fuck them. we still had a great time together.

we were really close to the point that strangers would think we were siblings or lovers. we went everywhere together, studied together (she did anyway while i read my comics), did a lot of things together. sometimes i wondered if being so close to each other was the reason why both of us were still single and couldn't hook up with anyone else for so long. maybe others thought that when we sometimes slept together, we were probably fucking each others' brains out. but there was nothing of that kind. we could sleep naked together and still not have sex. heck, even the door to our room was sometimes left open (i had noticed our parents dropping in to check on us over the years but they had stopped as they trusted us to behave).

we were there for each other when mutley, her golden retriever went missing and never came back, when my grandmother passed away from heart attack, when she lost both her father and her older brother in a car accident, when my parents got divorced, when a guy whom she was interested in turned out to gay, when i thought that i finally could date a girl and found out that it was a prank... we went through a lot. and now we are going to college soon. it could be our last summer together and i'm being a jerk.

i grabbed some drinks and walked over to her. she was chatting and laughing with Tracy (tall and slim and rumored to be the slut of the neighborhood), Tammy (Tracy's younger sister with Angelina Jolie-type lips and a body that is brimming with potential), Kenix (a very shy girl, so shy that she's the only one who wasn't wearing a bikini but i'm sure she has a great body underneath those baggy t-shirts and loose shorts) Jack (Kenix's brother, a total opposite of her - fucking show off prick who's loud everywhere and every time) and Ray (rumored to be Tracy's current beau - lucky bastard).

i handed Rena her drink and when she reached out, i pushed her into the pool. she went shrieking into the water as she didn't expect me to push her in. the others burst out laughing and in that split second, i pushed Tracy and Tammy into the pool too. Kenix realized what was happening and was backing away from me but too late as Jack, her own brother, picked her up and threw her in.

"i hate you!!! damn it i lost my contacts and i can't see properly!!!" Rena screamed and laughed at the same time.

"eric... i didn't know that you like to see me wet... why don't you come join us in the pool?" Tracy beckoned sexily. and i think every guy jumped into the pool and scrambled towards her. wow... the power of persuasion of the neighborhood slut. Ray wasn't too happy as he was trying to fight his way through to Tracy while making sure no one gets too close to his girl.

i made my way towards Rena, who was still trying to get water out of her ears. and needless to say, i got splashed pretty hard by Rena, Tammy and Kenix for initiating this pool fight. the pool was pretty crowded and somehow i bumped into something really soft. i couldn't see clearly as water was still splashing into my eyes. i reached out and tried to grab their hands so they could stop and caught one. i turned my back from the splashing and pulled on the hand. it was Kenix.

she was wet (obviously) and her t-shirt was plastered onto her body, revealing a pink bikini underneath. her breasts were huge and i think i stared because she wrestled her hand away from me and sort of covered her chest area. i looked at her and muttered sorry and i think she blushed. she turned around and headed towards the edge of the pool, presumably to get out. just then, 2 hands grabbed my shoulders from behind and pushed me down. i could feel someone trying to straddle my shoulders and i felt breasts brushing against the back of my head when the mysterious girl climbed on top of me.

i kneeled down, grabbed both her thighs when she adjusted herself on my shoulders, and stood up and she balanced herself. it was Tracy!!! how the heck did she get over to me? she must have been swarmed by the multitudes and also her protective boyfriend. oh well, i couldn't care less. she beckoned for a fight and Landy gladly obliged. Landy is another vixen in our neighborhood and both of them were constantly competing for attention. Landy climbed onto Jack's shoulders and the war began.

everyone was screaming and shouting and urging them on. seems like everyone was enjoying the cat fight. amidst the splashing of water and the extremely noisy crowd, i saw Jack was trying to talk to me while taking in a mouthful of pool water.

"move back"

"for what?"

"just move back if you want something good to happen"

"what the hell are you talking about?"

"just move back godamnit!!"

both girls already had their arms locked and as we suddenly moved backwards, both started losing their balance and began stretching forward. the guys cheered as both girls' body arched, showing off their curves and as we move even further back, they lost balance and fell forward. as we all went under, my face somehow got buried in Tracy's crotch. i wonder if Jack enjoyed the same accident too.

we resurfaced, gasping for air. Tracy got close and whispered "i know you did that on purpose. i guess you enjoyed it." she smiled sexily as she ran her fingers lightly over my stirring erection. she turned around, purposely letting her butt brush against it and waded over to Ray. damnit!!! i wish i could fuck her there and then. that Ray is a lucky bastard.

i turned around and waded towards the edge of the pool, hoping that the wall would somehow hide my erection. Rena slapped me on the back of the head. "i guess you enjoyed that a lot huh... to have the hottest girl in the neighborhood on your shoulders and whispering into your ear." she sulked. "i hope Ray doesn't take it seriously and bash your head in. he'd make mince meat out of you." she poked my tummy. "you really need to get back into shape you lazy ass."

"i hope so too..." i panted "its not like i asked her to climb onto my shoulder."

as the sky turned dark, we all got out of the pool and started attacking the buffet line and we ate like a bunch of starved peasants, only the guys anyway. Rena left after dinner as she was meeting her mom at the mall for some last minute shopping before she went off to college. i hung around a little while longer, enjoying the view of wet sexy bikini clad bodies by the pool side.

i guess i drank a little too much beer and i felt the urge to pee. i made my way towards the toilet and dang... there was a freaking long queue. Tammy was also queuing up and she got fed up of waiting and started walking towards to me. i beckoned to her and she came over.

"giving up? or do you plan to pee in the pool?" i asked jokingly.

"no, you idiot" she laughed and punched me lightly on my chest. she rested her palm on my chest and continued "i'm going home to use my own toilet, which is gonna be much cleaner. i think i heard someone puke in there" she motioned towards the toilet. "wanna come? its only a 5 minute walk."

"sure. i'd give up anything to follow a hot chick home." i smiled. we both laughed and started walking towards her home.

"summer this year is so freaking hot," she complained while fanning herself with her hands. i couldn't help but to stare at her cleavage. she's really um... blossoming...

"yeah... my air conditioning is broken and i have to sleep with the windows open but it doesn't help. the air isn't really that cool at night. i always wake up sweaty and hot in the morning even if i sleep butt naked." i groaned.

"that sucks."

"yeah. hey, do you have air conditioning in your room? can i sleep over at your place tonight?"

"yeah right. i know you'd prefer to sleep in my sister's room. all the guys would prefer that." she rolled her eyes. "you guys are such pervs. only think about sex all the time."

"hey, you're gonna start dating someone soon you know. and he's gonna ask for sex. lots of it."

"no way... i'm not interested in being someone's sex toy."

"you'll love it... just like how your sister loves it. i bet Ray loves it too." and i got punched.

"she's a tramp. of course she loves it."

"whoa... you seem to be not very happy with your sister... erm... the way she lives her life."

"i don't know... i just think that sex shouldn't be random. oh i don't know... can we change the subject?"

"no. i'd like to know why you're upset. i mean. i don't think you're jealous. you're hot, your body is way...."

"stop it... you're saying this just to make me feel better."

"no no no... i'm not lying to get into your pants. your bikini, in this case... although i'd love to but um... yeah... i'm not saying this for the sake of saying it. actually a lot of guys were talking about how one day you'd be so much hotter than your sister. you've got a lot of potential, and a lot of fans without you knowing it."

"you make me sound really cheap." she frowned and started walking faster.

"no... that's not what i meant. i'm just trying to say that you may look at yourself differently, but others also see you differently. they like you. which brings us back to the question - why are you upset about your sister?"

"i'm not jealous or anything. its just that... well, we used to be very close. now, she's only interested in sex and its like she's having a marathon to see how many guys she can sleep with."

"so you're not really against sex. you just felt lonely because your sister doesn't play hide and seek with you anymore?"

"you're a jerk. i don't know how Rena puts up with you all these years."


"you guys are dating right? i mean, i always see you two hang out very often. and i'm guessing you both had sex already?"

"actually, we are just friends. we just grew up together and became very close friends, that's all. and no, we haven't had sex before."

"yeah, right."

"why would i lie to you? i mean, this is why i'm still single and haven't gotten laid. everyone thinks that i'm dating Rena and we're happily fucking each other every night till sun rise." i groaned.

"are you for real?" her eyes were wide with disbelief.

"if i'm lying, i swear that i'll never get an erection for the rest of my life."

"so you both never made out or something?"

"which part of 'no' you didn't understand? jeez... i'm still a fucking vir..." i stopped myself but it was too late. she had started to giggle before bursting out into laughter.

"oh my god, i didn't know that..."

"shut up... don't tell anyone ok? its embarrassing... damnit... why the hell did i... oh, just stop laughing already" i was so damn embarrassed that i was silent all the way back to her home. she couldn't stop laughing though... i'm doomed. if she is as close to her sister as she claims, i'm pretty sure that Tracy will know about this, and so will so many others. damnit!!!

"i won't tell."


"about your... well, i won't tell anyone. you don't have to look like its the end of the world or something."


"i'm actually surprised that you didn't make out with Rena. you guys seemed so close. even closer than lovers. you didn't even consider going out like... i mean... like really going out?"

" actually... we're just very close friends and i think that is all there is to it. i never thought of anything else beyond that." and there was an awkward silence after that.

we were about to reach her house when she suddenly stopped. "kiss me", she said softly but was looking down.

"what?" i was completely taken by surprise.

"i'd like you to kiss me." she repeated but this time she was looking straight into my eyes. she moved in closer to me and she wrapped her arms around my neck. "will you kiss me or not?"


  1. kire

    nice story waiting for yr ch. 2


  2. thank you. i'm working on chapter 2 now. hope you'll like it to. :)